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Before You Go July 31, 2016

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TIME. Time is ticking by so fast. My beautiful Katelyn, there just isn’t enough time. In 10 days you’ll hop on that airplane and fly off to Arizona State University to start your college adventure. But sweetie….10 days is too soon.


DREAM. I realize you have to go. This is your dream and I would never, EVER stand in your way. Dream big baby girl. Dream big! But before you go, please let me snuggle with you on the couch and watch a movie. Let me share a few quiet moments with you sipping coffee and reminiscing. Let me watch you play with your siblings. Let me cook you breakfast. Let me enjoy your smile and your laugh. Let me believe that no matter how far away you go, we’ll always stay in touch. But most of all….please let me teach you how to properly back squat.


SQUAT. You see, in CrossFit, squatting is everything. EVERY.THING. If you ain’t got a good squat, well, you ain’t got squat. In all aspects of your life, you need a solid foundation to build a strong house. Going off to college is so much more than school, it’s about finding who you are as a person and starting to lay down your path in life. And whether you end up a pharmacist, or a street musician, your life needs a solid foundation.


RULES. So let’s head out to the garage. We’ll load up the bar and go over the basics. Weight on your heels, knees out, eyes forward, ALWAYS go below parallel. These are the rules you must follow when squatting. Keep track of your workouts, follow the progressions, and listen to your body. If you follow the rules and stay consistent, you will be rewarded. Squatting will reward you with strength. Muscle. Progress. “Body like Beyonce” as you always say.


LIFE. Life is no different than squatting. Weight on your heels – stay grounded, and remember you have to start at the bottom and work your way up. Knees out – don’t let life cave in on you. Stay strong, and fight the urge to fold and collapse. Eyes forward – keep pressing ahead to your future, don’t dwell on the past. ALWAYS go below parallel – do everything to your fullest capability. Don’t pull up short. These are the rules you must follow in life. And while squatting will reward you with muscle, life will reward you with success and joy.


REACH. Baby girl, work hard, be kind, and ALWAYS be humble. Squat heavy. Call your Mom every day. Love to your fullest. Build your foundation strong, and your tower will one day reach the stars.


All my Love Always,



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