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To My Daughter June 4, 2016

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kate laugh prom.JPGMORNING. Good Morning, Kate. I know you’re not awake yet, but I am. I couldn’t sleep at all last night. You see, today is the day that you are moving into your first apartment with your boyfriend. I know how excited you are. You have been planning this for weeks, and it’s the first time I’ve seen you truly happy and excited in a long time.


ADULT. But my sweet girl, you are unknowingly flinging yourself head first into the world of being an adult. Over night you stop being my 17 year old baby and you become an adult. I know you feel ready for it. But I don’t know if I’m ready for it. I can still remember that scary morning that you came bursting into my life. You were all gray and you were scowling and blinking at me. We looked at each other for a long time. It might have been an hour. And in those moments, I knew I would learn so much from you.


TEACH. You taught me how to love. How to care. How to nurture. I learned how to be a better parent, a better person. How to give myself fully to another human being. I held you when you were sick, rocked you back to sleep when you were scared, and helped you pick your outfit for the first day of school. I am truly blessed to be your Mother, because you have grown into an incredible woman.


HUMBLE. Our relationship isn’t perfect. For the past 10 months you have lived at your Nana’s house, and it has been the most humbling experience of my life. Watching you pack up and leave made me face the truth that I had failed you in so many ways. There was a gaping hole in my heart knowing that I didn’t give you what you needed.  We fought. We argued. Raising a strong, bright woman is one of the most frustrating and rewarding things I have ever done. And you are strong. SO STRONG. Always remember that. You are capable of so much more than you will ever know.


AWAY. And somehow, while you have been away these last 10 months, our hearts have found each other again. The time we spend together these days feels like we are old friends. We sip coffee and sit cross-legged on the couch and share stories about our lives. We talk to each other almost every day. I finally feel like I know you. REALLY know you. Your siblings greet you with applause and cheers of “SISSY!!!” as they watch your car pull into the driveway. And while I’m not jumping up and down cheering with them, my heart is cheering each time I see you.


CHANCE. And while I have never said it out loud, I want to say “thank you”. Thank you, Kate, for giving me a second chance. Thank you for being willing to work together and start over. Thank you for letting me back into your heart and trusting me with your feelings. Thank you for everything you have taught me and for everything you WILL teach me about life, love, and parenting.

So as you start your journey into the world of adulting, I have the following wisdom to share:

  1. Admit when you are wrong and apologize
  2. Give more than you take
  3. Pay your bills on time
  4. Don’t complain about housework
  5. Always wear sunblock
  6. Laugh more than you cry
  7. Your family is there for you no matter what
  8. Find people who inspire you
  9. Don’t settle
  10. Call your mom every day


With All My Love Always,



One Response to “To My Daughter”

  1. Cindy Tegtmeier Says:

    Jenny, that was a beautiful letter to your daughter. I am so happy for both of you as your mother/daughter relationship continues to bloom. You get a surplus harvest of roses when you prune the rosebush back! Best of luck to all of you. Cindy Tegtmeier

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