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I ate my placenta, and it made me happy August 17, 2015

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Placenta pillsEXPLANATION. I was recently tagged on Facebook in a link to an article titled something like “Scientists say there is no reason to eat your placenta”. Now, considering I’m one of those people who chooses to consume their placenta, I can only feel annoyed with this passive aggressive dig. Before you get all grossed out, I don’t roast it over an open flame, or turn it into chili. I dehydrate it, encapsulate it, and take it in pill form twice a day until my supply runs out. Pretty simple stuff. Truthfully, when Bill first suggested this to me 5 years ago, I was horrified. I couldn’t believe he would ask me to do something so….weird.

NOT WEIRD. And here I am, three pregnancies and three placentas later, and I’ll tell anyone who will listen that I think new Moms should encapsulate their placenta. I don’t have a science-y explanation for it. In fact, if my friend would have read the article, it simply says that scientists can’t “prove” that there are benefits….but that doesn’t mean there aren’t benefits. Please remember that at one time, scientists believed the world was flat. FLAT. That’s just fucking stupid. So let’s not hang on every word every published scientist say, m’kay?

It has been my experience that placenta encapsulation helps with hormone regulation and postpartum depression. From a hormone regulation standpoint, I had CRUSHING headaches after Finley was born……up until my placenta pills were ready. And with Brady, I had to skip a day of pills because my husband was down at Navy Pier and didn’t have time to make them before he left. I spent a full day crying about nothing. I think I cried 7 times in one day.

So, my Facebook friend, thank you so much for tagging me on Facebook to publicly call me out for your “I TOLD YOU SO” moment, but you’re wrong. You’re dead wrong. I ate my placenta, and it made me happy. And whether or not a scientist can prove that it worked doesn’t matter.


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