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The Amazing Story of Finley July 23, 2015

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Brady Avery Finley kissBUMP. The story of my life the last 5 or so years has been all about my baby bumps. I have spent about 1,096 days of my life pregnant. Can you believe that? Kinsy actually commented that I’ve been pregnant for more of the time that she’s known me, than NOT pregnant. Good thing I’m such a charming and marvelous person when I’m pregnant. (blushing)

SURPRISE. The most recent bump was a surprise bump. Kind of like the brown bags at the dollar store where you don’t really know what’s inside. The suspense of knowing if it was a girl or a boy was pretty fun, actually. I’d highly recommend letting at least one of your pregnancies be a surprise at some point in your life.

FAST. What was even more surprising about this most recent bump was how FAST the delivery was. For anyone who has ever suffered through 11+ hours of labor, you can feel free to hate me. I have often times felt the same way about people who run a sub 7:00 mile. Baby #4 was in such a hurry to come into this world that my labor lasted exactly….18 minutes.

DISCOMFORT. Around 1AM on Friday, July 10th, I woke up feeling slightly uncomfortable. The Mid-wife had “stimulated my cervix” the day before, so she told me to be ready for labor. (I was NOT ready for labor) I didn’t even get out of bed or wake up Bill until about 1:35AM. At that point, I was having what can only be described as “slightly less comfortable than Braxton Hicks” contractions, but in my mind, it wasn’t truly labor yet.

WRONG. We got the bed ready, called the midwife, called our Moms, and I was 100% cool, calm and collected. No need to panic, because this will take at least 2 hours, right? WRONG. At about 1:55AM, I had a big strong contraction. I was trying to be in my bubble of peace, but all I could think about was how little I had practiced my Hypnobabies. In my mind, the intensity of my contractions was due to a lack of mental focus, not the fact that I was already 9cm dilated. (Hey, it’s not like you can SEE how dilated you are from the outside!)

BABY. After 2 more contractions, my water broke. I had Bill help me out of my underwear, and I asked him to find a towel for between my knees. Well, there wasn’t even time for the towel. As he was digging in a basket of clean clothes, I had one big PUSH contraction. I yelled something like “the baby is coming dear, better get over here!”. In reality, it probably sounded more like, “Gruuuuugh! Da Baaaaaaby gruuuuuuuummmmmmnnnnng!” Bill came over very nonchalantly and took a peek. Yep, there was indeed, a baby coming. He very calmly said, “yep, here comes the baby. Nice and slow.” PLOP. The baby was out. 2:08AM, and Bill was holding a crying, squirming baby in his arms that he had just delivered himself. My husband, the mid-man.

SHOCKED. Bill passed the baby through my legs to me (I was on all 4’s) and I had a moment of panic, followed very closely by what will be a lifetime of stunned amazement. It was too dark to even see if it was a girl or a boy! Bill went and turned up the lights, turned off the Hypnobabies that was exactly 7:08 into my “early labor” track, and threw a towel over me and our beautiful redhead GIRL – Finley Monroe.

GRAND FINALE. It was everything I could have hoped for and more. It was fast, my recovery has been just as fast, and I’m feeling great. More than anything, I’m feeling ready to jump back into the world of competitive fitness. Whether my path will bring me back to CrossFit, or to Oly lifting….well….that has yet to be decided. Perhaps a topic for another blog post!


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