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Not Everything is CrossFit’s Fault January 22, 2015

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Kinsy RowingI know you were all hoping for a “My Sister had it right” post for today, but I’m gonna switch gears on you guys. This post was also published today on my CrossFit Fire blog. I’ve never doubled-down on my blog posts, but this one was a good change of pace.

BAD NAME. Quite often I get tagged on Facebook and sent links to videos showing people doing CrossFit with less than perfect form, or doing questionable movements. I’m here to let you know, that it’s unjust to blame CrossFit for all of this.
UNFAIR. It’s pretty unfair to say that everything that anybody doing a CrossFit workout does is “giving CrossFit a bad name”. GASP! Someone in Nebraska let their back round on a deadlift?? GET DAVE CASTRO ON THE PHONE! It’s CrossFit’s fault!! Can you really lump every single CrossFitter in the world under the “CrossFit” umbrella?
NBA. Would it be fair to say that everyone playing basketball anywhere in the world is representing the NBA? Does anyone cry out about how unsafe the NBA is when a player snaps his lower leg in half? Or when a player dislocates his elbow and breaks his hand following a bad fall? Nope. That’s just playing basketball. But if someone gets hurt doing CrossFit in their garage in Alaska, that means CrossFit isn’t SAFE. (by the way, don’t click those links if you aren’t ready to be grossed out)
IDIOCY. As with any sport, there are bound to be as many bad coaches as their are good ones. Same with teams or gyms – there will be some that are great, and some that are unbearable. And if all of this diversity is accepted when it comes to other sports, why not CrossFit? Why must we hold “CrossFit” accountable for everyone’s idiocy?
CFHQ. As a whole, CrossFit HQ is responsible for only a few things. There is a blog with daily workouts published by HQ. The programming is tough, but it is intended to be. On this same website there are HUNDREDS of videos demonstrating how to properly perform the movements. And let’s not forget the CrossFit Journal. It is full of articles on how to improve movement quality, overall mobility, and athletic performance. Nowhere on the site or in the Journal does it say “go as fast as you can, and let your form get all kinds of shitty”. CFHQ encourages proper form. Period.
COMPETITION. Most recently, there was a video circulating of some high jumps performed at a “CrossFit competition”. The competition is one of the largest annual competitions for CrossFit athletes, but it is not directly associated with CrossFit HQ. Do you see what I did there? It is a competition for CrossFit athletes, but it is NOT an HQ sponsored event. The only “CrossFit” competitions throughout the year are the Open, Regionals, and ultimately, the CrossFit Games. Sure, there have been some silly movements at the Games, and HQ has taken the heat for those. Everything else is programmed by the affiliate or the organization hosting the event.
COACH. While it’s easy to point the finger of blame at “CrossFit”, what it comes down to is that CFHQ offers a tiered level of certifications, as well as specialty certifications to help each of their potential coaches gain as much knowledge as possible. Ultimately, there will be some coaches who are better than others. We wouldn’t blame the NBA for our 11th grade basketball coach’s performance, so we can’t blame HQ for the quality of the coaches using their name and coaching their sport.
QUALITY. Our focus at CrossFit Fire has always been on quality coaching, holding our clients to a high level of movement standards, and delivering top-notch results. Don’t let all the internet CrossFit-jibber-jabber skew your perspective. CrossFit is meant to be delivered as a premium fitness experience, unlike anything you’ve tried before. It is meant to be instructed by knowledgeable coaches. But above all else, it is meant to be a life changing combination of community and a healthier, stronger you. So let the haters, hate. We got nothin’ but love here at CrossFit Fire!


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