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You don’t need to feel sorry for me December 3, 2014

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Our Family GrowsREMEMBER. So…..remember when I didn’t go through with my tubal ligation? Yeah, so, I’m pregnant! I think I’ll call this one “The Grand Finale”. I mean, I wasn’t sure I had anywhere to put #3…so you can only imagine my dilemma at finding out #4 is on the way.


YAK. I’m trying to be all “there’s a life growing inside me, oh joyous world!” but instead I’m like “hey Bill, grab that Meijer bag in case I puke in the car.” All I can do is barf and lay on the couch. It’s awful. Brady follows me into the bathroom and pats my back and tells me, “I’m gonna pee on Mommy’s barf”. The only baby I was this sick with was Katelyn. I can’t eat, but I can’t NOT eat either. I feel like I’m constantly on the verge of either feeling AMAZING, or finding my way back to the toilet.


QUESTION. My new favorite question is “were you guys trying to have another one? Did you want more kids?” Well, yeah, jackass. We know how babies are made, and so we made one. I think it’s people’s way of telling me that in their almighty holy opinion, I shouldn’t be having more kids. As if somehow, they get to weigh in on this super important decision of whether or not my family is big enough.


PLANNED.¬†I guess I didn’t realize that people would be so truly bothered by hearing that we WANTED to have more kids. “Was this planned?” they all ask. As if there’s some unspoken rule that I’m just supposed to have one boy, one girl, and be happy with that. And what does it mean to have a planned¬†pregnancy anyways? If I said, “no, this wasn’t planned”, would you feel better? Would it help you sleep better at night knowing I was pacing the floors and wringing my hands because I didn’t plan on getting pregnant again? Yeah, I didn’t think so.


LOVE. All I know is that there is nothing better in my whole life than my kids. Every single day I am overwhelmed with how much my heart explodes with love for them. And I promise, I have so much love in my heart that I can love ALL my kids. Hell, I can probably even love a few more.


FAMILY. For those of you who don’t understand this feeling, well, then continue feeling a weird sense of pity for me that I’m going to have a 4th baby. But for those of you who have big families, small families, or medium families and know the true wonder, joy and adventure that comes from raising beautiful children, high five. I know you won’t ask me if this was “planned”, and you’ll just be happy for me.