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Your Show dog Shit in the House January 26, 2014

Filed under: Uncategorized — Jennie Yundt @ 9:52 pm

DSC_0137-2Ah, Gabby. My show dog. She’s magnificent, isn’t she? Quite possibly the most gorgeous German Shepherd I’ve ever laid eyes on. 100% champion blood lines. Her coat shimmers in the sunshine. Her teeth are white as the snow. She’s obedient, kind, protective, and quite possibly THE BIGGEST ASSHOLE I’VE EVER KNOWN.


There, I said it. I hate my dog today. Seriously. There are plenty of things I deal with on a daily basis that are yucky, smelly, and fucking inconvenient. I’m prepared for the normal Mom stuff. What I am NOT prepared for, is the ass-hole-ness that seems to follow this dog around. Just when I am about to forget that she’s a jerk, WHAM! She does something to remind me. It’s just a random Friday, and my dog decides she’s going to shit at the bottom of the stairs. Or, maybe it’s a normal Monday afternoon, so she decides to regurgitate everything she’s eaten for the last MONTH onto the kitchen floor. ASS.HOLE.


She is my beautiful, loving girl though. See how she’s standing there in the corner looking at me like that? It’s because she’s waiting for my response. It’s almost as if she acts out hoping for attention. She’s like that kid Mark in my 7th grade social studies group. I hated him too. Sigh.


I’ve tried giving this dog away about a dozen times, but I always chicken out. She’s like one of my kids. They’re assholes too, but they’re ALL MINE. 🙂


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