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Oh snap….this shit just got real April 24, 2013

Filed under: Pregnancy — Jennie Yundt @ 2:12 pm

destroy pink horcruxGIFT. This past weekend we received our very first gift for our baby girl that’s on the way. Keep in mind that it was a gift bag full of pink adorableness, not some ominous dark weight on my soul. Yet I have found this pink polka dotted treasure has suddenly become a sinister Horcrux . As I searched my house for a place to store said gift I realized something – THERE’S NO PLACE TO PUT IT. Ergo, there is no room for the new baby. Crap.


DRIFT. The bag drifted between rooms for a few days. I’d see it, coo at the tiny pink clothes, and then move it somewhere else. It kind of reminded me of the Elf on the Shelf. It had magical powers and would find a new hiding place every day. Its’ current resting place is on the floor of my room next to the bin of maternity clothes (that also have no home). So I guess new baby and new baby’s belongings land in our room.


OOPS. As I’m trying to digest the thought of this tiny pink wearing person and all the things that will come with her arrival I made an epic mistake. I opened up my sleep log from Brady’s first few months of life. Suddenly sweat beads on my upper lip, my eyes start to get a little glassy, and I start to feel slightly nauseous. Holy Christ on a Bike….I’m going to have a barely sleeping, eating every 2 hours, crying for no apparent reason, newborn. AGAIN. AGH!


WHOA. Ok, deep breaths. You’ve done this twice before, and you are more than capable of handling this. I mean, how different could it be this time, right? For all I know, new baby could be a perfect sweet angel who comes out of the womb ready to sleep through the night. Maybe she will have a magical tummy that turns 2oz of breast milk into 12oz, and she’ll never, EVER spit up in my hair. She’ll be the baby that makes other Moms jealous. “Oh, most of the time I hardly know she’s there! She hardly makes a peep!” is what I’ll say as I stroll down to the park with Brady, sipping my Starbucks and slightly resembling a fairy tale Mom. Psh….yeah right.


ACTION. So it’s time to do some consolidating. Reorganizing. Purging. I need to find room in my bedroom for the new baby, her clothes, diapering needs, a co-sleeper, and possibly even a rocking chair. Lord knows my collection of CrossFit t-shirts could be thinned out a little…and maybe I could even learn to part with the treasure trove of bathings suits I haven’t worn in 5 years. And maybe, just MAYBE the floor length jewelry box that currently holds 3 pieces pieces of jewelry I haven’t worn since Clinton was president could find a new home. Don’t worry. It’s all gonna be ok. I got this all under control. *gulp*


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