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Where’s the belly photos? February 21, 2013

Filed under: Pregnancy — Jennie Yundt @ 3:42 pm

last time abs this time absEMAIL. I got an email from someone asking when I was going to post belly photos from this pregnancy. Last time around I did a fair job of taking pictures along the way and posting them to the blog. Well….turns out the last time around I was just smug. What an ass I was for rubbing it in everyone’s face how skinny and pregnant I was. “tee hee, look at my big belly!” It was so smooth and shiny and flat. It was almost like my abs just had extra abs on top of them instead of a baby. I was an asshole.

SHY. This time has to be different. I never quite leaned out the way I wanted to, and I no longer wish to bare my belly. Plus, I feel like I have a particularly ugly belly button. It just makes me sad. Like, ending of Steel Magnolias sad. Wait….is it the baby bloat that’s making me sad, or is it all these hormones. Shit. I never can tell. ANYWAYS. I don’t feel like sharing photos just yet. I am 10 weeks pregnant after all….and my feelings change from one second to the next. Just ask Bill.

BARF. These last 2 weeks have been hard. Lifetime should make a TV series dedicated to just how hard my life has been. Ok, that’s a little over the top. In a nut shell, I’m constantly nauseous and dog tired. All I want to do is sleep, eat carbs, and then sleep some more. Morning sickness?? Ain’t Nobody got time for dat!  I have only been able to make it to the gym about 3 times per week and my workouts are about 3/4-assed. Not quite half assed yet. Pull-ups are the absolute worst for me. I still feel strong, but something about the movements makes me super queasy. I even un-drank my ginger ale the other morning after the WOD. By the way, did you know ginger ale has 39 grams of carbs IN ONE CAN? Before I checked my nutrition facts, I had consumed 2 cans in one day and nearly DIED. Are they hoping to cure morning sickness by just carb-ing it into submission? Jesus. Good thing Bill found me some ginger tea instead.


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