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So God made a Hormonal Pregnant Woman February 12, 2013

Filed under: Pregnancy — Jennie Yundt @ 1:23 pm

I'm so fing happyRAINBOW. Just to clarify, being pregnant doesn’t always make me angry. Although, based on my blog posts I’m sure that’s how it seems. Don’t worry my friends, there is a whole rainbow of emotions that I go through in a typical day.


HAPPY. Sometimes my hormones make me happy. Like, crazy emotional, LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL, twirling in the tulips happy. And because life is full of such beauty, it makes me cry.


COMMERCIALS. Did you watch the SuperBowl? Did you see the “So God made a Farmer” commercial? How about the stupid Clydesdale one? Jesus H Christ on a BIKE! You sell trucks. And beer. Making pregnant ladies weep hardly seems like an effective sales strategy. I mean, I was in a room with 40 other people trying super hard to keep my emotions in check and WHAM! Right in front of me is something so beautiful and amazing that I feel a lump in my throat. Don’t worry. I held it together. In order to squash the lump, I just jammed my mouth full of more taco dip. All better!


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