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Unhelpful January 24, 2013

Filed under: Pregnancy — Jennie Yundt @ 12:32 pm

ImageHATE. Know what I hate? I hate unhelpful websites. Why even bother publishing your crappy blog if it’s of no use to anyone. Ever. In the whole world. Didn’t you notice that in the entire existence of your blog nobody has ever commented, “thanks for the insight, that was helpful“!? THAT’S BECAUSE YOU SUCK. AND SO DOES YOUR MOM ADVICE.


SEARCH. I’m all fired up this morning after searching the internet for some advice on how to efficiently deal with having a newborn baby and a 2.5 year old. I mean….this isn’t something ground breaking. I’m not the first woman to go through this. Yet all I found were a bunch of Moms blogging about how they didn’t leave the house, brush their teeth, dust, fold laundry or even shower for like 3 months. “Just smile and you’ll get through it” they all say. Know what I say? I say fuck your standards. I’m not willing to just roll over and accept the fact that I can’t have clean hair or wear a bra for half a year. I want it all. Isn’t there a way to maintain my clean house, my sanity as a woman, AND lovingly care for my babies?? There MUST be a way!


CELL PHONE. Know what other advice sucks? The advice that I should “rest now, because you’ll need it later!” what kind of crap is that!? Is my life a cell phone plan where I get roll-over sleep minutes? Only a retard who has never been completely sleep deprived would ever suggest that you can “bank” sleep time. No matter how many naps I take, I’m still going to be tired. It’s just going to happen. Maybe what I should be doing instead, is building up my tolerance to sleep deprivation. I should purposely wake myself up 4 times a night just so my body is used to that pattern when baby #2 arrives. It’s like taking a little bit of poison every day so you are no longer susceptible to it’s toxins. 


See? Now THAT could actually be helpful. I will continue my search of the internet, but things are looking pretty abysmal. Should anyone have any advice that might actually prove useful, I’d love to hear it. Oh, but if your advice is crappy I’ll probably throw something at you in the grocery store in a hormone induced rage. (true story) 


6 Responses to “Unhelpful”

  1. Mandie Says:

    Good news! I’m OCD- I have to shower at least once if not twice a day, I have to do 2-4 loads of laundry a day, my house has to be decently clean- toys picked up table cleaned and if needed floor vaccuumed and , dishes running by 11pm- and I have a 7 week old and 18 month old. Oh and my 7 week old insists on being held and the 18 month old likes to climb. You can do it! I do lack in food preparation but I’ve followed your blog and you have always been good about that. ( I’ve never been good in the kitchen). Yes you will be sleep deprived, but since you are pregnant I’m assuming you aren’t consuming that much caffeine now, so any increase postpartum will help! My mom reminded me that when we were little parents didn’t have to be on the floor 24-7- my boy can entertain himself occasionally for me to get things done an he knows I still love him. I just make sure and have separate time with him occasionally- even if its just him and I going to the grocery store while Rudy Watches the baby . You are super woman, you will do it cause that’s what you want- and you can still work out!!! Cause mommy hood is like crossfit – constantly varied high intensity:)

    • Jennie Yundt Says:

      Mandie, you’re my HERO! I’m so out of touch these days, I didn’t even know you and Rudy had #2! Congratulations to you guys! And thank you so much for advice that’s not crappy. You’re safe from any flying objects in grocery stores, because you’re awesome. Sounds like I need to get myself on more of a schedule with my housework. The main problem is laundry. It’s beating me. All the time. Occasionally we can square up and get “even”, but most days the laundry is winning.

      • Mandie Says:

        I’m not gonna lie I was Nervous. Glad I don’t have to duck!! And you are my hero cause strength and gym wise you are amazing! ( and u lost so much with bed rest with number one kid). Laundry- yeah- I get it going during Jackson’s meals, and folded during his meals or while e and I are playing, or right after he goes to bed . You got this!

  2. My mom friend Kim has twins who are two years old and a one year old and they’re trying for baby #3. She will be the first person to tell you that you can still go to the grocery store, the mall, shower, and clean your house with multiple kids. She BLOWS ME AWAY with her patience and mom-ness but she’s the one that gave me the confidence of watching Maddox while having Fi. Now Fi is extremely high maintenance and needy so it was a challenge and we needed time to find a rhythm that worked for all of us. But the bottom line is that it worked!! And Jennie, you’re seriously underestimating yourself. You’re probably the MOST AMBITIOUS person I’ve ever known. Ever. Ever ever. And you have an amazing support system for help if you need it! Hugs!

  3. Jaime Says:

    What, a website? How come you didn’t ask your sister for advice? Just bc there were a few times that I melted to the kitchen floor crying with a baby in my arms crying and a 2.5 yr old clinging to me crying, doesn’t mean I don’t have good advice. Our Dad had just died, you cut off the tip of your finger slicing cheese and swore you couldn’t change diapers 🙂
    It’s definitely like a roller coaster, but you will manage. Just keep telling yourself that they are your last babies and when they are 13 they will want nothing to do with you…bc ypu’ve experienced that too.

  4. […] Remember when I blogged quite annoyed-ly about how the internet was USELESS when it comes to advice on wrangling a toddler […]

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