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It happened….again. January 23, 2013

Filed under: Pregnancy — Jennie Yundt @ 1:34 pm

Sexy socks babyTHIRD TIME’S A CHARM. I’m thinking about renaming this blog – “doing CrossFit while pregnant”. Three home pregnancy tests can be wrong, can’t they? DAMMIT! Just when I was starting to get back in the gym regularly and really get after it, I’m pregnant again. AGAIN. In the good news department, I’ll have the strength of Bill’s Baby for the 2013 Open. In case you don’t remember, I was strong. REALLY STRONG the last time I was pregnant.

BIKINI. I’m not due until September 22nd-ish, so that means I’m going to be pregnant all summer. I plan on wearing my regular bathing suit too. Sorry if that makes you uncomfortable. I just refuse to spend $55 on a maternity bathing suit. Why would I pay REAL MONEY for something that looks ridiculous, and I would actually dread wearing? At least if I have on my real bathing suit, I can be entertained by people’s reactions.

SIGH. It’s not that I don’t love my kids. They’re amazing. They’re the light of my life. It’s just….I dunno. I wasn’t really convinced I wanted more kids. Then again, I wasn’t really convinced I DIDN’T want more kids either. I wanted visible abs again. I wanted to be a badass in the gym again. I wanted to sleep through the night consistently for the rest of my life. Does that make me an asshole? Probably…but who cares. Baby #3 is on the way, and there’s no going back. Time to get fucking excited about it!

BREAKING THE NEWS. The last time we told the teenager we were pregnant she told me “I hope the baby comes out all deformed and smashy!” Here was how the conversation went this time around:

Me: “Guess what? You’re going to be a big sister again!” (HUGE SMILE)

Teenager: “You should just have an abortion! I hate babies! I’m going to stab the baby in the face!”

Me: “Well then the baby’s going to be bleeding AND crying. That would be WAY worse.”

Teenager: “No, I’ll stab it until it DIES.”

Me: (no response) (crickets chirping)

I mean….WHAT DO YOU SAY TO THAT!? The only response I could think of was to drive her to my Mom’s house. That’s how it works in my world. I break her, and my Mom fixes her back into a nice human being again. Sigh. At least she confessed to my Mom that she hopes it’s a girl. Bad news though….Bill and I are both hoping for another boy! 🙂


One Response to “It happened….again.”

  1. The teenage years scare me. You can bet I am going to be calling you up sobbing for advice the minute Fi turns 9. Annnnd you’re not an asshole. Annnnnd maternity bathing suits SUCK. I was pregnant all summer and we own a boat – I wore a bikini or just a longer tankini top that ruched on the sides. Some days I even just wore a sports bra and a tank. Rock it.

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