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Starting Over March 4, 2012

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ImageSTART. Want to know the worst part about not getting to the gym for an extended period of time? It’s that eventually you’ve been gone for so long that you know when you return, it’s going to be like starting over. Every time I go to the Fort and see my Oly shoes sitting all lonely in their cubby, I’m filled with dread. I just know that the next time I lace up those beautiful shoes, I’ll once again be a beginner. I won’t have a 67kg clean & jerk, and a 53kg snatch. There’s a good chance I will be too winded to even make it through an RX’d workout. Sigh.

DETERMINED. Brady has definitely been keeping me from getting my workouts in. He naps every day from 8-10:30 and then again from 1-3. When I looked in my workout log yesterday I was super depressed to see that I only worked out ONCE in the entire month of February. ACK! That’s awful. I’m determined not to let the dread keep me from getting back to the gym. I WILL get back to working out regularly!

FAMILY. Ah, my family. My favorite people in the universe. Katelyn didn’t end up with the grades she needed to go to Punta Cana with my Mom and she was MAD. Maybe the most mad she’s ever been. Instead of a wonderful vacation to the Dominican Republic, she got pneumonia for 3 weeks and had to miss 10 days of school. Oh, and she had pink eye somewhere in there. Lovely, eh? Brady ended up with Kate’s pink eye and I ended up catching her pneumonia – not fun. 

SILVER LINING. In the good news department, we are all healthy and recovered from our illness. For the most part, we have established a steady level of peace and harmony in our household, which is a huge improvement for us. Teenagers really are the most trying creatures on earth!