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Skinny Hippo Round 2 September 10, 2011

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After having AMAZING results with the first round of Skinny Hippo, I ate like a complete asshole for a few days. Not surprisingly, I gained a bunch of the weight back. Boo!

I have a wedding to attend this evening, and I have this amazing brown dress that NEEDS to fit. Mostly because it’s the only fancy dress I own, but also because it’s AMAZE-BALLS. I decided to do another 2 weeks of the Hippo just to see if I could get some of the jiggle out of my wiggle, and this time around has been MUCH better!

Day 1: 152lbs
HOW did I manage to gain all that weight back! ANGRY! Oh wait….it’s because I ate pizza, crackers, cupcakes and drank a whole bottle of wine. Shakes all day, and feeling great. The Natural Calm supplement seems to be helping with the dehydration this time around.

Day 2: 147lbs
SWEET. Glad the weight’s coming off easy again. Did 3 chocolate shakes today, and even cheated and  had a square of dark chocolate. Natural Calm at night, and feeling good.

Day 3: 145lbs
I don’t have any NUUN tablets at home, but it doesn’t seem to be an issue. I think the first time around with the Skinny Hippo, I was just missing the Magnesium component. I’m not dizzy or overly tired this time!

Day 4: 143.6lbs
Besides the fact that I had to run a mile, I’m feeling good! 3 Chocolate shakes today, and I’m extremely pleased with how fast the weight is coming off. I feel “tight”….you know….less jiggly around the middle. I might even get my baby tee’s back out of the drawer! Natural Calm before bed. Feeling good.

Day 5: 142.2lbs
Today is the wedding! I’m 99% sure that the dress is going to fit. I might not be able to sit down, but dang it, I’m GETTING that thing zipped! I’m doing a vanilla shake for breakfast, but then I’ll probably skip my other 2 shakes so that I can nibble on some food at the wedding. Overall, these 5 days have been SIGNIFICANTLY easier than my first week. I honestly think the digestive enzymes and the Natural Calm are making all the difference. I feel full, and there’s no dizziness this time around!

We have officially started taking orders for Skinny Hippo, and I’m SO EXCITED! I can’t wait to see the results that my friends have with the shakes….I know how good it made me feel to lose the weight, and I want that same success for them!


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