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The Brown Dress Fits. Enough Said. August 14, 2011

Filed under: Nonsense — Jennie Yundt @ 2:06 pm

The Skinny Hippo Experiment is still going strong. I’m 6 days in, and here is a summary of the last few days:

Day 4: 141lbs
Boom, 141. I’m feeling excited about my weight loss, but overall I’m feeling VERY tired. The workout this morning was a 10 minute AMrAP of double unders. On any given day I would have CRUSHED this workout. I’m like…the Mick Jagger of double unders. I was able to string together sets of 25, but I had to keep sitting down because I was VERY dizzy. I’m thinking there is still a lagging dehydration from the last few days. I plan on getting a few more nuun tablets in me to see if that helps. To make it just a little more scary, I almost blacked out doing yard work. I stood up a little too fast, and everything started to get black. I just grabbed onto the mailbox post real quick, and the feeling passed in a second or two. FUN. Bill’s experiments RULE.

Day 5: 140.8lbs
Well, we knew that was coming. The weight loss has slowed down, and that’s ok. I would be a liar if I said I expected anything less. While I’m on the path of righteousness, Bill is eating like he’s chained to the counter at 7-11. I found an empty box of honeycomb in the garbage. I’m 99% sure he ate the whole box in one sitting. Today is the first day I really feel hungry. Well, it isn’t so much hungry as it is just missing getting to chew my food. Bill had me start taking a digestive enzyme with each of my shakes, because the protein powder was coming out undigested. Without being too graphic, I’ll just say that my stools have been very runny, and you could literally see the protein powder in the toilet. Eww. Sometimes I wish I had a brown toilet so I didn’t have to accidentally see things like that.

Another noteworthy event that happened today was that Be-rad and RTL came over to our house to throw some ribeyes on the big green egg. I was feeling so hungry that I went upstairs to my room and read a shitty book and pouted.

Day 6: 140.6
My weight is still creeping along slowly, which is good. This morning when I pumped, I only managed to pump 3.5oz, and I usually get 5oz. Concerned with my caloric intake, Bill has increased the calories in my shakes. They are now roughly 811.4 calories in each shake! I can definitely tell a difference in how I feel after drinking them – I’m very full now. Despite the fact that I’m full, I’m starting to crave real food. I joked around with Bill and asked him if we were ordering a stuffed pizza for dinner. Fast forward 2 hours and he walks into the house with a stuffed pizza. Mother F-er! It smelled delicious, but alas, I resisted. The weekend was definitely the hardest days of the experiment so far. I wanted wine and Ribeye!

The super duper exciting news is that my favorite little brown dress finally fits again! I tried to wear it back in July, but couldn’t get it zipped. Not even close. Not even with Bill’s help. Today I zipped it up on my own with no problems! Wahoo!


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