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Skinny Hippo Experiment August 12, 2011

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See? I’m not defining my life by how long ago I gave birth! It’s a big step for me….be proud.

You’re probably wondering what the heck the Skinny Hippo Experiment is, right? I’ll break it down for ya. It’s 2 weeks of liquid nutrition. The shakes are Bill’s secret formula that gives me about 757.4 calories in each shake, and I get 3 per day. The shake is specifically formulated to give me am exact ratio of fat, protein and carbs. It’s not a caloric restriction in any way, but it will be a carbohydrate restriction for me. Especially after my weekend of oreos for breakfast!

Day 1: 147.2lbs
No problem! These shakes taste great! It’s weird how they don’t fill you up right away, but after about 10 minutes it creeps up on ya. It’s a slow, building feeling. I have decided that my breakfast shake needs to be made with coffee, because that’s the breakfasty thing to do. KTUCK recommended the umbrella…it’s a superb idea.

Day 2: 144.8
I’m already down 2.5lbs! I’m not so naive that I think I lost 2.5lbs overnight of fat, it’s definitely water weight. The truth of the matter is that water weight IS excess weight, and needs to be lost. I’m still feeling relatively good. I’m kind of surprised that I don’t feel more hungry. The workout yesterday was thrusters and burpees and I felt a little gassed, but not too shabby.

Day 3: 143.2
WOW. All I can say about this morning at the Fort is WOW. I’m feeling extremely dizzy and weak. We did 3 sets of 5 today on our jerks, and I could barely finish my last set. Almost immediately I felt winded, even during the warm up. To make matters worse, the WOD was Karen. I got about 10 wall ball shots in and was so dizzy I had to stop. I scaled the WOD to B scaling, which is pretty low for me. It took an astonishing 8+ minutes to do 90 wall balls. Sheesh! I’m pretty sure I’m a little dehydrated since there is zero sodium in these shakes. Bill is having me add a lick of salt (literally….I lick it off my hand) and a cup of Natural Calm to my day. He’s also rushing off to the store to buy me some nuun electrolyte tablets so I can stay hydrated. Hopefully that helps.



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