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Is my milk in yet? May 26, 2011

Filed under: Pregnancy — Jennie Yundt @ 6:01 pm

Boobzilla. Quick question for ya….do you think my milk came in yet? YEESH. I feel like Pam Anderson. But not the new, smaller cup size Pam. I’m talking FULL FLEDGED BOOB Pam. Yep. My milk supply has arrived, and boy is it painful! OUCH! My boobs are hard like softballs, and it’s making it impossibly hard for my little man to nurse. I suppose it would be kind of like trying to suck on a bowling ball, eh?

Healing. I’m feeling well fed, and well rested. I stepped on the scale today and I weigh 155.6, which is almost 20lbs down from where I was at right before birth. It’s entirely possible that I’m already at my pre-pregnancy weight, but my boobs are skewing the numbers. Let’s hope for ALL our sakes that these things subside soon.

Brady update. It would be pretty rude of me to post a picture of my boobs, and not a picture of my amazing baby. He had his first trip to the pediatrician today, and he’s doing amazing! He’s actually kind of a rockstar baby. He gained 4oz already! He’s up to 7lbs, 12oz. Atta boy Brady! While we were at the pediatrician I noticed that his little umbilical cord was about to fall off. It was attached by one googley little string, and the Doc was going to leave it on there. I was like, “what happens if it gets PULLED off?” She responded by going to get some silver nitrate to stop any bleeding that would occur. Atta girl, doc. Thanks.

Happy but sad. I miss my gym. I miss my normal life. For as nice as it sounded to be waited on hand and foot for two weeks, I’m kind of wishing I could just do something for myself. For Pete sake, I’m perfectly capable of folding my own underwear! Oh well. I’ll be released from captivity soon enough.


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