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3 days Postpartum May 25, 2011

Filed under: Pregnancy — Jennie Yundt @ 5:59 pm

Sharing. One thing I pride myself on is how brutally honest I can be about certain topics. Hell, my blog is sub-titled “over sharing all the time”. Yep, I’m an over-sharer. I shared the details of my pregnancy and delivery, and I fully intend to share the details of my recovery.

Bye Bye Belly. We’re sitting at 3 days postpartum, and for the most part my pregnant belly has disappeared. I can still feel that there’s a lot of extra fluid in my belly, and perhaps my uterus isn’t done retreating back to its normal size. (Hey, it’s wise, remember? It should remember what size it’s supposed to be!) Every time I nurse Brady, I get these little uterus contractions, and they SUCK. Today has been especially rough. They’re contractions, just like labor contractions, but their purpose is to shrink my uterus. Hooray for smaller uterus, boo for pain and pressure. Thank GOD I can take ibuprofen.

Girl Parts. I’m not gonna lie, my girl parts are pretty tender. Gee, wonder why. In addition to the trauma they just experienced, now I have to sit my ass in bed all day RIGHT ON TOP OF THEM. My peri bottle is definitely my best friend these days. I’m pretty glad that the super heavy bleeding has stopped though, as it just makes every trip to the bathroom into a horror film.

Missing it! CrossFit Regionals are this weekend, and now I have to miss the WHOLE THING. I am very fortunate to have supportive, helpful people in my life who stepped up to fulfill my responsibilities. Despite the fact that I have this amazing baby to gaze at all day, I still feel really bummed that I have to stay trapped inside this weekend instead of heading down to Navy Pier. Sigh. Honestly though, I probably wouldn’t have been much help even if I were still pregnant. Running around all weekend would have crushed me.


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