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Comfort at 37 weeks May 18, 2011

Filed under: Pregnancy — Jennie Yundt @ 11:07 am

Oh I’m sorry, am I keeping you up? Apparently I snore. Loudly. And if that wasn’t bad enough, I toss and turn in the most ungraceful manner possible and get out of bed 5 times a night to pee. All this nonsense at night has led to my husband being unable to sleep. Yeah, well, you and me both BUDDY! My legs just feel restless, and my belly feels unsupported. Carrie let me know the other day that the magic number for pillows is 5, and I am only currently using 4. Perhaps one more pillow would help.


No matter what, Brady has to wait another week to come out. I MUST be in attendance at Regionals next weekend! Not only do I need to be

there to fulfill my CrossFit soul, but also to cheer for our affiliate team, and fulfill my duties as Regional Media Director. One more week little guy….one more week.

Bye Rower. My good buddy, the rower, has finally become unusable. The real issue isn’t the effort, it’s the position of my feet and hips. The rower only allows you to strap your feet in at one set distance, and I could use about 4 more inches of space between my ankles. The weird torquing motion has really started bothering my knees and hips. Fortunately, our gym is also equipped with an AirDyne, which is just as diabolical as the rower….if not more so.

One more PR, I swear. In the good news department, I set a new Press PR the other day. 42.2 kg’s was my max FOREVER. No, like, literally FOREVER. I got that PR on 1/26/10! Yesterday I pressed 45kg’s, and felt mighty strong. Good stuff all around.

Band-tastic. Kipping pull-ups are amazing, aren’t they? Well, I won’t be doing them anymore for a while. The big reach back with my legs just puts too much strain on my abs and round ligaments. Workouts that include lots of pull-ups just end up making me all crampy and uncomfortable. My solution was to substitute dead hang pull-ups on the blue and red bands, which seemed to work just fine.


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