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1 week postpartum May 29, 2011

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JEANS. I never thought I’d be so happy to be wearing jeans in my whole life. I’m wearing jeans!!!! And they don’t have some shitty, huge stretchy panel just to make them fit my hideously disfigured body! Hooray! Woke up this morning and weighed myself. We’re down to 152.8! I’m feeling good about losing the rest of my baby weight, especially if it keeps magically melting off. I’m still a little jiggly around the belly button, but overall I feel like I’ve regained most of my previous shape.

Mood. I hate to say it, but yesterday I had a 100% hormone melt down. I was overwhelmed, sad, and lonely. My husband was down at Navy Pier with our team, and I was once again trapped inside my house. Things that made me cry yesterday: Katelyn used the wrong vacuum cleaner, My sister in law watered my flowers, My t-shirts were folded wrong, and I got pooped on. Yep, full hormones in effect.

Placenta. Now, some of you may have already seen the pictures, or heard the conversation, for those of you who have no warning I apologize. My husband dehydrated the baby’s placenta, made it into powder, and encapsulated it for me. Making the capsules in a long process, and he didn’t have a chance to make any before he left for Navy Pier yesterday. I missed my daily dose of placenta pills, and then had a complete hormonal melt down.


Coincidence? I don’t think so. I know my husband can be “out there” sometimes, but he’s usually right. In this case, he was right. The placenta is a magic thing, and it really DOES help with postpartum depression. I don’t expect that many of you will get to experience this part of the home birth, because you’re not married to Bill. I love that man, even though he’s crazy. And makes me take placenta pills.


Is my milk in yet? May 26, 2011

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Boobzilla. Quick question for ya….do you think my milk came in yet? YEESH. I feel like Pam Anderson. But not the new, smaller cup size Pam. I’m talking FULL FLEDGED BOOB Pam. Yep. My milk supply has arrived, and boy is it painful! OUCH! My boobs are hard like softballs, and it’s making it impossibly hard for my little man to nurse. I suppose it would be kind of like trying to suck on a bowling ball, eh?

Healing. I’m feeling well fed, and well rested. I stepped on the scale today and I weigh 155.6, which is almost 20lbs down from where I was at right before birth. It’s entirely possible that I’m already at my pre-pregnancy weight, but my boobs are skewing the numbers. Let’s hope for ALL our sakes that these things subside soon.

Brady update. It would be pretty rude of me to post a picture of my boobs, and not a picture of my amazing baby. He had his first trip to the pediatrician today, and he’s doing amazing! He’s actually kind of a rockstar baby. He gained 4oz already! He’s up to 7lbs, 12oz. Atta boy Brady! While we were at the pediatrician I noticed that his little umbilical cord was about to fall off. It was attached by one googley little string, and the Doc was going to leave it on there. I was like, “what happens if it gets PULLED off?” She responded by going to get some silver nitrate to stop any bleeding that would occur. Atta girl, doc. Thanks.

Happy but sad. I miss my gym. I miss my normal life. For as nice as it sounded to be waited on hand and foot for two weeks, I’m kind of wishing I could just do something for myself. For Pete sake, I’m perfectly capable of folding my own underwear! Oh well. I’ll be released from captivity soon enough.


3 days Postpartum May 25, 2011

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Sharing. One thing I pride myself on is how brutally honest I can be about certain topics. Hell, my blog is sub-titled “over sharing all the time”. Yep, I’m an over-sharer. I shared the details of my pregnancy and delivery, and I fully intend to share the details of my recovery.

Bye Bye Belly. We’re sitting at 3 days postpartum, and for the most part my pregnant belly has disappeared. I can still feel that there’s a lot of extra fluid in my belly, and perhaps my uterus isn’t done retreating back to its normal size. (Hey, it’s wise, remember? It should remember what size it’s supposed to be!) Every time I nurse Brady, I get these little uterus contractions, and they SUCK. Today has been especially rough. They’re contractions, just like labor contractions, but their purpose is to shrink my uterus. Hooray for smaller uterus, boo for pain and pressure. Thank GOD I can take ibuprofen.

Girl Parts. I’m not gonna lie, my girl parts are pretty tender. Gee, wonder why. In addition to the trauma they just experienced, now I have to sit my ass in bed all day RIGHT ON TOP OF THEM. My peri bottle is definitely my best friend these days. I’m pretty glad that the super heavy bleeding has stopped though, as it just makes every trip to the bathroom into a horror film.

Missing it! CrossFit Regionals are this weekend, and now I have to miss the WHOLE THING. I am very fortunate to have supportive, helpful people in my life who stepped up to fulfill my responsibilities. Despite the fact that I have this amazing baby to gaze at all day, I still feel really bummed that I have to stay trapped inside this weekend instead of heading down to Navy Pier. Sigh. Honestly though, I probably wouldn’t have been much help even if I were still pregnant. Running around all weekend would have crushed me.


Bill’s Birthday Present May 23, 2011

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Surprise! And to think I was ACTUALLY worried because I didn’t get Bill anything for his birthday! I gave him the gift of a son at 6:10AM on Sunday, May 22nd….the morning of his 30th Birthday!

Celebration. Let me just rewind this story a little so you can get the full picture. Saturday night we went over to the Rosati’s house to have dinner and celebrate Bill’s 30th. As always, there was great food, even greater wine, and some amazing friends. For all 3 of the aforementioned reasons, we stayed there until 2AM.

Wake up honey. After an amazing 1.5 hours of sleep, I was woken up to the sensation of my water breaking. Now, ideally, this was going to happen while I was overhead squatting, but whatever. I didn’t want to wake up Bill right away, instead I went in the bathroom and tried to clean myself up a bit and waited. After 40 minutes my contractions started. I got through about 4 contractions using my hypnobabies relaxation techniques, but by contraction number 5 I wanted to punch that lady with the soothing voice right in the throat! Time to wake up Bill.

HURRY. We started getting stuff ready for the midwife, but my contractions were coming so fast and so strong that I wasn’t much help. Plus, I wanted Bill there to put some counter-pressure on my lower back, so he couldn’t even run around and get stuff ready. Fortunately, my Mother in Law lives just down the road, and she rushed over to help. Somewhere in the midst of being in agony on my hands and knees on my bathroom floor, I managed to look up and see Gabby (the dog) panting on the other side of the gate. DAMN does that dog breathe loud!

Just in time. The midwife was called at 4:45, and she arrived about 5:50. She immediately suggested I move to my bed, as I was having the feeling like I needed to push. Bill kept peeking under my nightgown to make sure there wasn’t a head sticking out….he’s so considerate. I crawled to my bed where she checked to see how dilated I was, and I was at 9-1/2 cm. Her question was, “do you want me to move the lip out of the way, or do you want to breathe through a few more?” I had no response. I just popped back up on my hands and knees and kept breathing and moaning in agony.

My wise uterus. The overwhelming theme of the midwife and her assistant’s help was their constant repeating of the phrase, “your uterus is so strong, and your body is wise. Just let your Uterus do its work”. It was odd, but I somehow found comfort knowing my uterus has like a PhD or something. And your body definitely knows how to birth a baby. It’s almost involuntary. You just listen to what’s happening, tell yourself it’s almost over and do what needs to be done.

17 minutes. After only 17 minutes of pushing, Brady emerged. I was still in the hands-and-knees position, and THANK GOD. The midwife later shared with me that if I had been on my back, I was at risk for re-tearing my previous episiotomy. I had a few small tears, but they were on top instead of down below, which has made recovering a lot easier. I’ll spare you the story about the process of suturing “top tears”. I have two words for you: Labia Puzzle.

Glory and Bliss. The beauty of a home birth is that the midwife got Brady breathing, and then immediately passed him to me. He was still attached to the umbilical cord and everything. I sat back against the headboard and held my squirmy, slimy baby, and all I could think was, “don’t throw up on your baby”. I was VERY nauseous and incredibly exhausted, but somewhere in the middle of all that, I had this amazing baby. I held him against my chest and he laid there blinking up at me. It took about 30 minutes for the cord to stop pulsing, and then Daddy cut him free.

Home sweet home. The best part of the whole experience is being in familiar surroundings during one of your most vulnerable times. I was in my room. In my bed. Surrounded by my things. I don’t want to glamorize natural home births, but there is definitely something amazing about it. The pain is intense, but it’s supposed to be. I experienced birth as prescribed by nature. I dug deep, and found the courage to believe that I COULD DO THIS. The whole time I was in labor, I kept a little sign given to me by a friend a long time ago in my sight. It reads:

She believed she could…
So she did.

And I did.


37-1/2 weeks and a Sox Game May 21, 2011

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Just out of curiosity, does anyone think my feet look swollen? Ugh. We spent a whole day at the Sox game for Bill’s birthday, and now my feet look like Miss Piggy feet. SEXY. I haven’t had much swelling, so I guess I was due. I mean, it wouldn’t be pregnancy without it, right?

The good news is that the Sox won, and Bill and I had a great time celebrating his birthday.

I’m at 175lbs right now, making total weight gained 30lbs on the dot. Not too bad I guess. I worked out Friday and felt pretty good. Front squats always suck, but my groin pain is killing me. I told Heather she wasn’t my friend anymore unless she agreed to massage my groin. I can’t take much more of this nagging pain!



Comfort at 37 weeks May 18, 2011

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Oh I’m sorry, am I keeping you up? Apparently I snore. Loudly. And if that wasn’t bad enough, I toss and turn in the most ungraceful manner possible and get out of bed 5 times a night to pee. All this nonsense at night has led to my husband being unable to sleep. Yeah, well, you and me both BUDDY! My legs just feel restless, and my belly feels unsupported. Carrie let me know the other day that the magic number for pillows is 5, and I am only currently using 4. Perhaps one more pillow would help.


No matter what, Brady has to wait another week to come out. I MUST be in attendance at Regionals next weekend! Not only do I need to be

there to fulfill my CrossFit soul, but also to cheer for our affiliate team, and fulfill my duties as Regional Media Director. One more week little guy….one more week.

Bye Rower. My good buddy, the rower, has finally become unusable. The real issue isn’t the effort, it’s the position of my feet and hips. The rower only allows you to strap your feet in at one set distance, and I could use about 4 more inches of space between my ankles. The weird torquing motion has really started bothering my knees and hips. Fortunately, our gym is also equipped with an AirDyne, which is just as diabolical as the rower….if not more so.

One more PR, I swear. In the good news department, I set a new Press PR the other day. 42.2 kg’s was my max FOREVER. No, like, literally FOREVER. I got that PR on 1/26/10! Yesterday I pressed 45kg’s, and felt mighty strong. Good stuff all around.

Band-tastic. Kipping pull-ups are amazing, aren’t they? Well, I won’t be doing them anymore for a while. The big reach back with my legs just puts too much strain on my abs and round ligaments. Workouts that include lots of pull-ups just end up making me all crampy and uncomfortable. My solution was to substitute dead hang pull-ups on the blue and red bands, which seemed to work just fine.


36-1/2 weeks May 13, 2011

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SLOW MOTION. Of course I realized that I was going to slow down as pregnancy progressed, but this week I feel like my life is coming to a hault. Endurance is a word that is completely foreign to me. Hell, I had to lean on my shopping cart in Meijer the other day, just to make it through the store. In my defense, if they would put the GODDAMN scotch tape somewhere that I could actually find it, I wouldn’t have had to circle the store 9 times searching.

I digress.

I’m 36-1/2 weeks pregnant, and Brady is doing great. We had an ultrasound last Friday that shows him to be about 6-1/2 to 7-1/2 pounds, with the head of a 38 week old baby, and 3-1/4 inch long feet. I was a little nervous about his head size, but in the good news department, he doesn’t appear to be on pace to come out a 12lb monster like his Daddy. Midwife says everything is checking out perfectly. I’m up to 173lbs. Hooray. Next week we visit with an OBGYN to be “cleared” to have a home birth, and then our midwife comes to our house for a home visit. I guess she just needs to make sure we have everything we need or something. *shrugs*

Working out. Let’s discuss this in a little more detail. I worked out 4 times last week, and my groin and legs were VERY sore. I seem to be having a lot of pain in my inner groin/pelvis area. The explanation I’m receiving is that this is a normal part of my pelvis widening and spreading. It would be nice if it didn’t cause sharp shooting pain, but I can’t really complain.

HOT DOG. I ate a hot dog on Saturday, and a bag of peanuts. This seemed like a good idea since we were at the Cubs game, but later that night I swelled up like a balloon. My feet and hands were painful to the touch, and I became a whiny baby. Poor Bill. He was a good sport about it and washed my feet in cold water, and put lotion on my feet. What a nice husband. 🙂

PICTURES. My maternity pictures turned out amazing! Amy of ardent photography did a beautiful job, and I couldn’t be happier. I was a little nervous about them coming out dorky and staged looking, but I think they came out great. The funny part is that I have a feeling that maternity pictures are like newborns; everyone thinks theirs is cute, but other people’s look weird.