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34 weeks, and a jerk PR April 28, 2011

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They say “mass is power”, and BOY OH BOY am I proving that theory right! This morning at the Fort was pretty fun. We started off with a one rep max on our jerk, and I put up 67kg’s (old PR) very easily. Bill watched my lift and commented, “you could go heavier, that looked light”


I have been trying to stick to Bill’s mantra that “I will not do any more max effort attempts while pregnant, I will not do any more max effort attempts while pregnant”…..but I’ll admit that I did try a new 1kg snatch PR the other day. (FAIL) But today, I threw 70kg’s on the bar, and split jerk’d the hell out of it. Damn, maybe weighing 170lbs isn’t so bad after  all! GASP! Wait…I mean…..sigh….

Yes, I weigh 170lbs. That’s a total of 28lbs of SHEER BABY POWER. And YES, 170 is the actual number, not my made-up, fakey number that I tell other people. It’s hard to see the scale, but then I remember that I know this really amazing workout place where I can find my abs again after I’m done growing a person inside me.

The Open WOD Gods smiled down on me for WOD 4, and I managed to beat Lisbeth by one stupid rep.

Open WOD 11.4:

10:00 AMRAP
60 bar facing burpees
30 overhead squats (40kg’s)
10 muscle ups

If it weren’t for the horribly slow bar facing burpees, I could totally have finished all the overhead squats. It took me 8 minutes to do my burpees! SHEESH! I snatched up the bar, and did 9 squats without setting it down before my time ran out. Not too shabby if I do say so myself. There was no way in HELL I was going to get a muscle-up, so maybe it’s best I didn’t finish all those squats anyways. 🙂

Score: Jennie – 2, Lisbeth – 2

Then came 11.5, and it was NOT kind to me. It was a 20:00 AMRAP of power cleans (yay), toes to bar (boo) and wall ball shots (yay). Toes to bar were amazingly hard, and left my hips hurting for 5 days. I completed 2 full rounds, and made my way through 8 more toes to bar, but that was pretty much all I had in me. Bill’s baby was just in the way!

Score: Jennie – 2, Lisbeth – 3

We had a midwife appointment today, and everything looks amazing. Blood pressure and weight were normal (still on the honor system), and I only have 3 more weeks until I’m considered “full term”. *gulp* My workouts have stayed at B scaling, which has been totally manageable. The mid-day sleepies are starting to creep back in, but a quick 20-30 minute snooze usually helps tremendously.


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