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34 weeks, and a jerk PR April 28, 2011

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They say “mass is power”, and BOY OH BOY am I proving that theory right! This morning at the Fort was pretty fun. We started off with a one rep max on our jerk, and I put up 67kg’s (old PR) very easily. Bill watched my lift and commented, “you could go heavier, that looked light”


I have been trying to stick to Bill’s mantra that “I will not do any more max effort attempts while pregnant, I will not do any more max effort attempts while pregnant”…..but I’ll admit that I did try a new 1kg snatch PR the other day. (FAIL) But today, I threw 70kg’s on the bar, and split jerk’d the hell out of it. Damn, maybe weighing 170lbs isn’t so bad after  all! GASP! Wait…I mean…..sigh….

Yes, I weigh 170lbs. That’s a total of 28lbs of SHEER BABY POWER. And YES, 170 is the actual number, not my made-up, fakey number that I tell other people. It’s hard to see the scale, but then I remember that I know this really amazing workout place where I can find my abs again after I’m done growing a person inside me.

The Open WOD Gods smiled down on me for WOD 4, and I managed to beat Lisbeth by one stupid rep.

Open WOD 11.4:

10:00 AMRAP
60 bar facing burpees
30 overhead squats (40kg’s)
10 muscle ups

If it weren’t for the horribly slow bar facing burpees, I could totally have finished all the overhead squats. It took me 8 minutes to do my burpees! SHEESH! I snatched up the bar, and did 9 squats without setting it down before my time ran out. Not too shabby if I do say so myself. There was no way in HELL I was going to get a muscle-up, so maybe it’s best I didn’t finish all those squats anyways. 🙂

Score: Jennie – 2, Lisbeth – 2

Then came 11.5, and it was NOT kind to me. It was a 20:00 AMRAP of power cleans (yay), toes to bar (boo) and wall ball shots (yay). Toes to bar were amazingly hard, and left my hips hurting for 5 days. I completed 2 full rounds, and made my way through 8 more toes to bar, but that was pretty much all I had in me. Bill’s baby was just in the way!

Score: Jennie – 2, Lisbeth – 3

We had a midwife appointment today, and everything looks amazing. Blood pressure and weight were normal (still on the honor system), and I only have 3 more weeks until I’m considered “full term”. *gulp* My workouts have stayed at B scaling, which has been totally manageable. The mid-day sleepies are starting to creep back in, but a quick 20-30 minute snooze usually helps tremendously.


32 weeks, and I’m a liar April 12, 2011

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Ok, so it isn’t that I’m a liar, or that I can’t be trusted. Then again, maybe that’s the case. Let’s take a step back here and give you the official report on WOD 2 and 3 of the CrossFit Open.

15:00 AMRAP
9 deadlifts
12 push-ups
15 box jumps

Do you see my problem? The issue here was that I promised my midwife that I wouldn’t do any bouncing. In my mind, I had decided that a 15:00 workout wasn’t going to change anything, so I would just say “to hell with it” and participate. Then on Friday night, Bill sat me down. He fed me a giant piece of prime rib and had a heart to heart with me about my “situation”. Apparently he doesn’t realize that I’m in a FIERCE competition with Lisbeth, and that I’ll stop at nothing to win. Sigh. In the end. I just did the deadlifts and push-ups and tapped out. Oh well. Score:

Jennie – 1
Lisbeth – 1

WOD 3: My body wasn’t cooperating.
AMRAP in 5:00
clean & jerk (50kg’s)

Um, hello!!!! If there was any workout that would take 2nd place to the DU snatch WOD, this was it. Heavy clean & jerks are my second favorite thing on Earth. I went in with the mindset that I would get 20 rounds, but Bill changed things up on me at the last minute. Plus, the clock was counting backwards, and I was having a helluva time pacing myself. I only ended up with 14 full rounds. Poo. Lisbeth ended up with 18.


Jennie – 1
Lisbeth – 2

Now, onto why I’m a liar. Apparently weighing myself  at the midwife has become on the honor system. “Just hop on the scale and let me know what it says”. REALLY?! Wow, look at that, 115lbs on the nose. It’s a miracle. 🙂 I’ll admit, I fudged the number, but only by half a pound! Don’t judge me, ok!? 166lbs isn’t THAT different from 166.5…..but it somehow made me feel better to only have to say 166.

I have been following the “B” scaling options at the Fort pretty religiously, and it’s been ok. This morning we had to run, and that was a big mistake. I could feel every single bouncy step pulling at my round ligaments. After 2 rounds, I had to switch over to Mr. Rower. Looks like I’m out of commission as far as running goes. Darn.