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30 weeks – pushing the limits March 21, 2011

Filed under: Pregnancy — Jennie Yundt @ 3:22 pm

Apparently there’s a little thing called self control, and I don’t have it. It’s not that I don’t think it’s important, or that I want to be “out of” control….I just don’t know my limits. The last 2 weeks have been getting more and more difficult with each WOD. Saturday was kind of the climax of my stupidity.

You see, Saturday was the first WOD in the CrossFit Open. Why, oh why must Tony Budding torment me with his amazing WODS!!?? Of all the things he could have picked, he chose two movements that I love above all else – double unders and snatches! The WOD was a 10:00 AMRAP of 30 du’s, and 15 snatches at 25kg’s. It was as if I called up Tony and specifically requested the world’s most perfect WOD for my abilities. The only problem with my request, is that Tony delivered on it a little late. 10 weeks ago I would have ANNIHILATED this WOD. I guess I’ll have to settle for just doing mildly well on Saturday. I finished 4 full rounds, plus 21 double unders.

The problem is that I wanted 5 full rounds. Minimum. Sigh. My body just wasn’t cooperating. The good news is that I had a completely empty bladder, so I didn’t pee my pants. In the bad news department, I have either lung cancer or AIDS….I have about the world’s worst cough. It’s this nasty, dry,  hacking cough that makes it sound like I’ve been smoking for 35 years. Blech. The fatigue started to set in after the 2nd round, and I just never recuperated.

The midwife appointment went well. She drew blood. She weighed me. I only gained 1lb in the last month, and for some reason that feels like a victory. The blood work showed that I’m “hematologically perfect”. Wow. Guess eating all that red meat paid off! Now the appointments will start every other week in consistency. I guess she just needs to make sure I’m still pregnant. Every other week.


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