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24 weeks February 10, 2011

Filed under: Pregnancy — Jennie Yundt @ 5:58 pm

So sports fans, here we are. We’re sitting squarely in the lap of 24 weeks of pregnancy, and I feel great. The extreme fatigue that I experienced from about weeks 9 – 21 has started to let up, and I’m becoming human again. I did threaten to make scrunchies out of Bill’s balls last night, but that’s a completely different story.

My workouts have been pretty decent if I do say so myself. I PR’d my hang power snatch – 50kg’s! I totally have 51 next time…I just caught it too low. Burpees, box jumps and sit-ups don’t exist in my world, but at least I have been able to swing the kettlebell again. I think the weird pulling sensation in my abs was a fluke. I’m still out of breath during my WODs like the fat kid chasing the ice cream truck. (Ok, that’s not nice) I have found that the first minute to two minutes of my workout throws my body into what I call WODSHOCK. This is a phenomenon of having to bitch slap your waddling, pregnant self until your body agrees to pick up the pace a little. And by pace, I mean 75-85% of normal workout speeds.


The belly just….feels weird. Setting up for deadlifts is awkward. I have developed a little weird leg spreading twitch right before I pull the bar, and it’s sexy. Let me just tell you. I attempted to demonstrate what “toes to bar” are the other day, and it was actually kind of funny. Almost as funny as when I tried showing someone how to flip their legs over their head, and do the “candlestick” pose to decompress their lower back. BELLY! GET OUT OF MY WAY!


Our last checkup with the midwife went fine. Nothing really exciting to report. She was quite blown away at my food log, especially since I tallied my protein, carbs and fat for her. She just kind of glanced at it and said, “Oh, that’s nicely done”. I guess that’s kind of like getting an A on my homework assignment? Not quite sure. What I AM quite sure of is that her scale is broken. My scale at home tells me that I weigh 157 lbs, making my total weight gain about 15 pounds. I’m 100% dreading watching that stupid digital read out display the 1-6-0.


So here’s the belly! Yes, I’m totally flexing my arms in this picture. Don’t judge me.




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