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26 weeks in, 14 weeks to go February 24, 2011

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DETACHABLE BELLY. Sometimes I wish I could take a vacation from pregnancy. I would just detach my belly, reluctantly hand over the big boobs, and just NOT be pregnant for a weekend. It isn’t even that I miss drinking. (Although, admittedly, I have been thinking about margaritas like they’re the key to the universe.) I just miss feeling normal. My workouts are getting slower and slower every passing week, and I’m really trying to be ok with that.


“Hey, who put those there!?” The good news is that I PR’d my hang clean the other day. I hang power cleaned 65kg’s, and then caught my next rep at 67kg’s a little too low, so it was just a hang clean. I attempted this weight again, and managed to hit myself squarely in the nipples. I actually had to peek into my bra and make sure they were still attached.

My workout this morning was:
6:00 AMRAP
3 Cleans (55kg’s)
7 push-ups
6:00 rest
2:00 wall ball shots (14lb)


CHRIST ON CRUTCHES. Holy hella heavy batman! 55kg’s was crazy heavy, but I still managed to get in a whopping 3 rounds, plus 3 cleans. I had to take my cleans off 15kg plates because setting up at the bottom is a little hairy these days. My belly causes my stance to be wide, which causes my hands to be wide, which causes me to be farther forward, which causes the bar to be on a non-optimal path of shitty verticalness. What I’m trying to say is that shit goes wrong when I have to take it from the floor. Don’t judge me! The cleans were eternally heavy feeling, but I was still glad I went heavy. I managed to get a whopping 28 wall ball shots. I tried to pick a slow but steady pace that I could maintain for 2 minutes, but let’s be honest here folks. There’s no maintaining ANYTHING for 2 minutes these days.


SMARTY PANTS. The midwife appointment on Tuesday was super uneventful. I keep waiting for something cool to happen, but all that seems to happen is that I get weighed, and have my blood pressure checked. Woop.Dee.Doo. The funny part of the visit is that she showed me these funny pelvic rock exercises.



At fist, being the cynical jerk that I am, I assumed these would be useless to me. What the hell do I need pelvic rocks for when I have heavy hang cleans and knees to elbows!? Turns out that these little rocks are supposed to help keep baby in a good position, take some of the pressure off your spine, and solve world hunger. (Ok, that last part was a lie) Baby ended up in a really weird position today, and I was poking him trying to get him to move. When it didn’t work, Bill suggested the pelvic rocks. I got down on all 4’s and started half heartedly doing them while Bill spanked me and laughed. When I stood up, baby had totally moved to a better position. SHIT. I made fun of it, and it actually worked.


FATTY MC FATTERSON. Bill swears that I’m not looking fat. I checked in the mirror the other day, and I am definitely carrying a little more junk in my trunk these days, but it’s not awful. I weighed 161lbs this morning. Yeesh. THAT’S a hard number to see on the scale. I’d probably still weigh 159 if it weren’t for this heavy no-chip manicure I’m rocking.


Almost Third Trimester – 25 weeks! February 15, 2011

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Hmmm, had an interesting experience with my workout this morning so I just have to share. I have had a slight cold since Friday, so my breathing is even more labored than usual. The WOD on the board this morning looked like this:


6 rounds:
15 burpees
300m row
5:00 rest


For me, this means I did 12 ball slam, and 250m rows as a scaling option. After my first round of rowing I sat down on the ground during my rest. When I stood back up, that awful pain in my lower abs was suddenly back. Yeesh! I kept pushing through it though, and by round 3 the pain was gone. This pain seems to be somehow related to straining my abs, and then the sitting/standing afterwards. I’m going to try sitting on a box or a chair after rows, or other ab-straining movements to see if I can prevent this from happening.


The good news is that my pace per round never dipped below 1:32, so I feel pretty good about that. After the last round I did have to sit on the rower with my face pressed against the monitor for about 30 seconds, but then I felt better. 🙂


24 weeks February 10, 2011

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So sports fans, here we are. We’re sitting squarely in the lap of 24 weeks of pregnancy, and I feel great. The extreme fatigue that I experienced from about weeks 9 – 21 has started to let up, and I’m becoming human again. I did threaten to make scrunchies out of Bill’s balls last night, but that’s a completely different story.

My workouts have been pretty decent if I do say so myself. I PR’d my hang power snatch – 50kg’s! I totally have 51 next time…I just caught it too low. Burpees, box jumps and sit-ups don’t exist in my world, but at least I have been able to swing the kettlebell again. I think the weird pulling sensation in my abs was a fluke. I’m still out of breath during my WODs like the fat kid chasing the ice cream truck. (Ok, that’s not nice) I have found that the first minute to two minutes of my workout throws my body into what I call WODSHOCK. This is a phenomenon of having to bitch slap your waddling, pregnant self until your body agrees to pick up the pace a little. And by pace, I mean 75-85% of normal workout speeds.


The belly just….feels weird. Setting up for deadlifts is awkward. I have developed a little weird leg spreading twitch right before I pull the bar, and it’s sexy. Let me just tell you. I attempted to demonstrate what “toes to bar” are the other day, and it was actually kind of funny. Almost as funny as when I tried showing someone how to flip their legs over their head, and do the “candlestick” pose to decompress their lower back. BELLY! GET OUT OF MY WAY!


Our last checkup with the midwife went fine. Nothing really exciting to report. She was quite blown away at my food log, especially since I tallied my protein, carbs and fat for her. She just kind of glanced at it and said, “Oh, that’s nicely done”. I guess that’s kind of like getting an A on my homework assignment? Not quite sure. What I AM quite sure of is that her scale is broken. My scale at home tells me that I weigh 157 lbs, making my total weight gain about 15 pounds. I’m 100% dreading watching that stupid digital read out display the 1-6-0.


So here’s the belly! Yes, I’m totally flexing my arms in this picture. Don’t judge me.