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A boy! January 24, 2011

Filed under: Pregnancy — Jennie Yundt @ 5:08 pm

It isn’t possible to be more excited than I am right now! We are just over 20 weeks pregnant, and our ultrasound revealed that we are having a boy! Bill was all about “we’ll be happy no matter what”, but I definitely wanted a boy, and so did he. Katelyn on the other hand, only wanted a girl. We brought her with to the ultrasound, and when the tech told us it was a boy Kate immediately went into spoiled 12yr old mode. It was ugly. She was crying, yelling and being incredibly rude. Ugh.

Despite the fact that she was a total poop, we are super excited for our news. I think Kate will come around eventually.

I worked out this morning, and it felt pretty good. I’m still only at about 75% intensity. Carrie even looked at me this morning and said, “What are you waiting for?” Good question my friend. I’m waiting my customary 30 seconds between rounds so I don’t die. I’m SUPER easily winded now. I can’t WAIT to see how fun metcons will be in a few weeks! The workout was a 12:00 amrap of 12 sdhp’s and 15 push-ups and all my sdhp’s were unbroken. I’m pretty happy about that. I got just 3 reps shy of  6 rounds. What’s odd is that push-ups give me weird ab cramps. During the push-ups I feel weird cramps in my lower abs. Throughout the whole day today I’ve been kind of achy and weird in the belly. Who knows.

We have our 2nd prenatal appointment tomorrow and I have to get on the scale. GULP. Not excited about that ONE BIT. Is it nuts that I’m considering fasting before the appointment so I don’t get scale shock??


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