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Day 1 July 26, 2010

Filed under: Nonsense — Jennie Yundt @ 3:30 pm

Well, here it is. This is my official Day 1 of training for the Games in 2011. I have created a formal plan, and hopefully this makes sense:

1. get better at everything

2. make the CrossFit Fire Affiliate Team

3. qualify our team for the 2011 Games

4. Be fucking awesome

It’s pretty clear cut, right? As a starting point, here are my stats:

single rep max stuff:

snatch – 52.25kg

clean – 65.5kg

deadlift – (don’t laugh) 85kg

Press – 42.2kg

overhead squat – 57kg

muscle-ups – ZERO

Height – 5’6″

weight – 140lbs

I know what you’re thinking – damn Jennie is weak at deadlifting. Well you know what? I’M THINKING THAT TOO SO LAY OFF!! I’m going to work every day to get closer to muscle-ups land, and to get my deadlift over 100kg’s. I realize that’s still pretty pathetic, but hey, everybody’s gotta have SOMETHING to suck at, right?


One Response to “Day 1”

  1. Tommy Mo Says:

    While I know that Bill is your ultimate coach, husband, partner and best friend, I will once again be happy to be a “CrossFit Spirit Guide” as you embark on your road trip to Muscle-up Land.

    Take it. Leave it. Your call.

    Just offering and certainly sayin’….

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