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Hello there, GOLD MEDAL. Come here often? July 23, 2010

Filed under: Nonsense — Jennie Yundt @ 11:59 am

The results of the Windy City Oly meet are in, and I officially tied for first in my weight class. The sad news is that neither of my lifts were even close to a PR. If my PR is HERE……………………..my lifts were way over HERE. Sigh. I guess squatting is pretty important when it comes to Oly lifts, eh?

This morning we did the CrossFit total, and I was pretty close to another chalk bucket kicking incident. Things started out great. I set a PR on my back squat with 78kg’s. Then I tried for a 42kg press, and it didn’t get past my chin. 40kg’s wasn’t too bad, so I’d have to stick with that for today. And then…..dead lifting. Good Lord. Even 65kg’s felt heavy. I managed to finally get 80kg’s up, but 85 was glued to the floor. It’s sad that almost every time I dead lift, my PR goes DOWN by 5kg’s. I think my daughter could lift more than I can right now…and she’s 11yrs old. Ugh.

I wrote “SUCK” in my workout log about 8 times today, because that’s how I felt after the dead lifts. I suppose things could be worse though. I’m definitely going to have to start spending some quality time with the GHD over the next few months to try and make my dead lifts un-suck.


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