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Reaching my goal July 3, 2010

Filed under: Nonsense — Jennie Yundt @ 12:07 pm

The only way to keep me from working out is to ensure that I’m NOWHERE near the Fort when I’m not coaching classes. I’ve been able to modify most of the workouts so that I’m not doing any squats, but I just can’t stay away from the Oly lifts. I snatched 50kg’s the other day pretty cleanly, so I’m happy about that. The Oly meet is coming up next weekend, and I’m hoping to get 55kg’s up. Well….get it up and then stand it back up. 🙂 I’m going to drop down to a lower weight class this time around, and compete at 138.6lb’s. The trick is going to be getting down to that weight fully clothed. Naked, no problem. Clothes? Well, that puts me juuuust over.

My back is still being stupid, and now my right knee is acting up. Bill thinks I need to start taking fish oil again to reduce some of the inflammation. Joy. So I’m back to a shot glass of fish oil every day. I took one last night, and was immediately nauseous. *GULP*

I got to participate in Team Saturday today, and it was a blast. We got to use the new slam balls, and I think they might be among the hardest things we do at the Fort. They’re AWESOME.


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