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CrossFit, Pregnancy, and some other random thoughts

Day 1 July 26, 2010

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Well, here it is. This is my official Day 1 of training for the Games in 2011. I have created a formal plan, and hopefully this makes sense:

1. get better at everything

2. make the CrossFit Fire Affiliate Team

3. qualify our team for the 2011 Games

4. Be fucking awesome

It’s pretty clear cut, right? As a starting point, here are my stats:

single rep max stuff:

snatch – 52.25kg

clean – 65.5kg

deadlift – (don’t laugh) 85kg

Press – 42.2kg

overhead squat – 57kg

muscle-ups – ZERO

Height – 5’6″

weight – 140lbs

I know what you’re thinking – damn Jennie is weak at deadlifting. Well you know what? I’M THINKING THAT TOO SO LAY OFF!! I’m going to work every day to get closer to muscle-ups land, and to get my deadlift over 100kg’s. I realize that’s still pretty pathetic, but hey, everybody’s gotta have SOMETHING to suck at, right?


Hello there, GOLD MEDAL. Come here often? July 23, 2010

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The results of the Windy City Oly meet are in, and I officially tied for first in my weight class. The sad news is that neither of my lifts were even close to a PR. If my PR is HERE……………………..my lifts were way over HERE. Sigh. I guess squatting is pretty important when it comes to Oly lifts, eh?

This morning we did the CrossFit total, and I was pretty close to another chalk bucket kicking incident. Things started out great. I set a PR on my back squat with 78kg’s. Then I tried for a 42kg press, and it didn’t get past my chin. 40kg’s wasn’t too bad, so I’d have to stick with that for today. And then…..dead lifting. Good Lord. Even 65kg’s felt heavy. I managed to finally get 80kg’s up, but 85 was glued to the floor. It’s sad that almost every time I dead lift, my PR goes DOWN by 5kg’s. I think my daughter could lift more than I can right now…and she’s 11yrs old. Ugh.

I wrote “SUCK” in my workout log about 8 times today, because that’s how I felt after the dead lifts. I suppose things could be worse though. I’m definitely going to have to start spending some quality time with the GHD over the next few months to try and make my dead lifts un-suck.


Jerking with people who AREN’T jerks July 6, 2010

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Yesterday was a super amazing day for two reasons:

1. I set a new jerk PR – 65k’s

2. I jerked 70kg’s into my head

Yep, you read that right…I jerked that weight right off  my shoulders and into the underside of my head, otherwise know as my CHIN. POW! Right in the kisser. The super good news? All my teeth are still in place. I was extra motivated to be strong since I was sharing a rack with Stacy, Kathy Slowinski and Jess Hellyer. Can you say AMAZING athletes?

I skipped the metcon part of the workout due to an overbooked class, and I’m really glad I did. My back was feeling pretty good yesterday, and I think the metcon would have pushed me over the edge.

Today is single rep max clean day at the Fort…and I’m itching to get my hands all chalky, and see how much I can clean. My old PR is 65.5kg’s, and I’m hoping for 67kg’s. Or maybe 70. Who knows. All I know is that I am NOT going to clean 70kg’s into my face.


Reaching my goal July 3, 2010

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The only way to keep me from working out is to ensure that I’m NOWHERE near the Fort when I’m not coaching classes. I’ve been able to modify most of the workouts so that I’m not doing any squats, but I just can’t stay away from the Oly lifts. I snatched 50kg’s the other day pretty cleanly, so I’m happy about that. The Oly meet is coming up next weekend, and I’m hoping to get 55kg’s up. Well….get it up and then stand it back up. 🙂 I’m going to drop down to a lower weight class this time around, and compete at 138.6lb’s. The trick is going to be getting down to that weight fully clothed. Naked, no problem. Clothes? Well, that puts me juuuust over.

My back is still being stupid, and now my right knee is acting up. Bill thinks I need to start taking fish oil again to reduce some of the inflammation. Joy. So I’m back to a shot glass of fish oil every day. I took one last night, and was immediately nauseous. *GULP*

I got to participate in Team Saturday today, and it was a blast. We got to use the new slam balls, and I think they might be among the hardest things we do at the Fort. They’re AWESOME.