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Riding the bench June 17, 2010

Filed under: Nonsense — Jennie Yundt @ 3:28 pm

The last few weeks have been emotionally rough for me. My back just isn’t getting any better, even with extended periods of rest. Unfortunately, rest just doesn’t seem to help my injury. So, do I keep working out anyways? Do I just “suck it up” and push through the pain? I don’t know what the right answer is. All I do know is that I have an intense desire to train. This is the first time in my life I can remember feeling this way. Granted, I’ve been doing CrossFit for about 2.5 years now, but I’ve never been forced to sit on the sidelines and watch. I love to workout. I love to get stronger. I love the feeling of calling TIME. I even love writing in my workout log. I miss all of that when I don’t get to participate. Watching my CrossForters workout brings me great happiness, but It’ll destroy me if I can’t get back to my regular routine.

I am a CrossFitter, through and through. End of discussion. Massage therapists who don’t CrossFit just don’t “get it”. They recommend alternative forms of exercise.

If it hurts to squat, just don’t squat.

“just don’t squat?” Really? Should I give up peeing sitting down too? Let’s think before we speak. Bill is going to contact someone who does ART down in the city to see if they think they can help me. ART doesn’t sound pleasant….matter of fact, I might need half a bottle of valium just to go through with the treatment. Or maybe I need one of those “comfort dogs” that the church supplies for funerals. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Me and Lucky the Golden Retriever will somehow get through this together.

I mean….look at this shit. Everyone around me is working out, and what am I doing? Sitting on my ass because my back hurts too much when I’m standing. Maybe I should think of as many seated workouts as possible. Isn’t there a lady on cable TV that does that for senior citizens?

good job ladies....keep up the good work....thanks for picking up my slack


2 Responses to “Riding the bench”

  1. Annelisa Says:

    Hello Jennie-
    My name is Annelisa and I think your “before and after” pictures are inspiring, so much so that I found your blog too… I have been a 24hour gym goer for a while and am very excited to switch to CrossFit when my membership expires (July 20th, just one more month, yeah). I have enjoyed learning more about CrossFit from your blog and I am thinking that I have found “it.” You know, that thing you have been looking for and that once you have it you will never want to give it up, the workout box can finally get checked and stay checked. Anyways, I am sorry to hear about your back. Have you seen an orthopedist and had xrays? Remember all that mental strength that everyone talks about gaining from CrossFit, I am sure it is really hard but don’t get too down. You will heal up, this too shall pass right? Okay sorry for the random comments from a stranger particularly if you didn’t like them. Heal up and thanks for the encouragement I have found via the web:) Annelisa

  2. Jennie Yundt Says:

    Thanks for your comment, Annelisa. I am glad to hear that my before & after pictures are inspiring you to give CrossFit a try! Have you already scoped out the CrossFit gym nearest you? If there are several options, then I would recommend visiting each one to see which one best suits your personality. Finding a good group of people is a big part of sticking with a workout.

    Thanks also for the encouragement. I haven’t seen any specialists for my back problems, but mostly because I know it’s in the muscles, not the bones.

    Keep in touch! Let me know how your CrossFit journey goes!

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