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The things I would tell you May 15, 2010

Filed under: Nonsense — Jennie Yundt @ 11:24 pm

Hey Daddy, there’s some things I wanted to tell you. It’s nothing Earth shattering or philosophical …just normal daughter stuff. I wanted to tell you I set a PR at regionals on the snatch. 115lbs! Actually I guess first I’d have to explain the snatch, and what PR stands for, but it doesn’t matter. You would have listened and been proud.

I wanted to tell you that my neighbor fixed my lawn mower. Yep, after 2 years of dealing with that crappy thing, the neighbor fixed it in 2 minutes with an “up down left right” screw driver. You would have smiled and shook your head.

Speaking of lawn, I wanted to tell you that Kate mowed today for the first time. How about THAT!? Her lines weren’t straight, and there are big spots she missed, but I know you’d be proud.

I wanted to tell you one last thing. I took apart my toilet and fixed the flapper! It doesn’t run constantly anymore, which is good. See Dad? I learned a thing or two from you.

Oh, and Dad, one more thing if you have time. I miss you. I miss your laugh, your back rubs, your margaritas and your rough hands. I miss your smile, and the funny way you called me boom boom. I’m sending hugs and kisses up to heaven!


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