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Purpose May 3, 2010

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I’m not really sure why my blog has turned from a detailed account of my food intake and workouts to my own prophetic ramblings…but it just has. I find it soothing to my soul to speak my mind and have it captured for all to see. There’s something so raw, so vulnerable about sharing your thoughts in a public forum, and for some reason I like it. It keeps me focused.

This weekend was amazing for me. I have been doing CrossFit for just over two years now, but to date, I have never felt like an athlete.

You see her?

That’s Crystal McReynolds from CrossFit Central. SHE is an athlete. She’s lean, strong, and a fierce competitor. There’s no doubt in my mind that Crystal is an athletic woman who belongs in a competitive setting.

Me, on the other hand, I’m just normal. I giggle and laugh during workouts, make jokes with people around me, and sometimes stop to fix my pony tail. I have never pushed myself hard enough to throw up, nor do I ever want to. You see, there are people who “do CrossFit”, and then there’s people who “DO CROSSFIT”. Know what I mean? It just takes that little something extra to go from normal CrossFitter, to a true athlete. Up until this past weekend, in my eyes, I was just an average, normal person doing CrossFit slightly better than those around me.

This weekend changed my perspective. I had an opportunity to do a lot, LOT of overhead squats during the team triplet, which gave a lot of people the chance to see me performing them. Plus…I was the girl in the red tank top wearing tall socks, and had half my booty sticking out of my FIRE shorts, so I drew a few spectators to our end of the stadium. (Hey, if I’m not going to take 1st place in the workout, I might as well look the cutest, right?)

I digress.

After the workout was over, a few female ATHLETES came over and told me how strong my squats were. They wanted to know what my single rep max was. They asked how long I had been doing CrossFit. They wondered why I didn’t try out for the individual competition.

Wait, WHAT?! Back up for a second. You see….I’m not an athlete. I’m just a normal CrossFitter. YOU GUYS are the competitors, not me. I was flattered to say the least. My team didn’t take 1st place this weekend, or even place in the top 16….but this weekend we were athletes. We were warriors out there in Colorado, and people noticed.

This weekend was among the best of my life. I snatched 115lbs, which was a new PR by 12lbs. I sprinted faster and harder than I ever thought possible. I did overhead squats until I collapsed because I wanted to win. This weekend I was an athlete.


One Response to “Purpose”

  1. Less Says:

    Hi… This is Less who met you and Bill at the Foxhole while you guys were eating pizza. Maybe I shouldn’t say that too loud around here, eh?

    Anyway, I digress…

    I read this post and figured that I’d share some of my experiences with mindset. See, we shoot competitively on Thursday nights and I see a lot of folks who one day, all of a sudden, realize that they actually want to bring things to another level. Nothing has really changed in technique, physical attributes, etc (I mean shooting is just really a 5 lbs finger curl…), but they start to do better because their self-definition has changed: They have a purpose.

    Now, of course, they go out there to have fun, but they approach things clearly and methodically, start thinking about and picking out goals/weaknesses and BAM! before you know it, they’re winning matches locally and at the regional levels.

    Interesting what a simple though/self-reflection can do. For you it was worth 12 lbs right off the bat.

    (BTW – I stopped by last Thrusday and saw one of Zach’s workout… I’m mighty impressed – enough to put down $$ in June…)

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