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Less dying…then some stupidity…then more dying May 26, 2010

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Sometimes working out just seems like such a good idea, even though part of my brain is telling me not to. Monday’s workout was fun and amazing. We did 5 rounds of double unders and dead lifts, and I had ZERO back pain afterwards. Tuesday after the 9AM class, I got another amazing massage from Heather, and felt like a bajillion bucks. I’m still having a little back pain if I stand for too long, but overall it has gotten much better.


Yeah, that’s where the goodness stopped. It was Bret’s birthday workout, so we did a mile worth of running mixed with 50 each of squats, sit-ups, push-ups and pull-ups. I got to about 35 pull-ups and had to throw in the towel. My back was screaming, my hands felt like they were going to tear, but most importantly I thought I was going to hurl. I have yet to actually barf from a workout, and last night was the closest I’ve come.

That workout literally zapped me of all my energy. We drove home in almost complete silence, as I struggled to comprehend the suck fest that had just consumed 20 minutes of my day. Yikes.

Good news department: I got 1 ring dip with 3kg’s worth of weight – PR! Woo Hoo! AND – I have weighed in UNDER 140 for the last few days consecutively. This morning I was 138.8, and I’m totally pumped. And hungry.


Just move my guts out of the way May 19, 2010

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After working out and fighting through a back injury for the last three weeks, Bill finally convinced me to take some time off. My back hurts SO MUCH if I stand for too long. Seriously, I’m like a 95yr old lady. I can be found crouching in Home Depot, Meijer, Hollister and Trader Joe’s. Really, anywhere that forces me to stand for more than 5 minutes, I’m going to have to crouch. It’s very lady like. Especially in the dressing room at Hollister.

Heather was kind enough to come to the Fort and give me a massage, and it helped a little. Jon Peterson also offered up his services, and yesterday I got my Soas massaged through my abdomen. If you’re wondering what that feels like, just imagine someone having 3 of their fingers digging into your internal organs. Now add to that about 100lbs of pressure. It was almost unbearable. I swear I saw sweet baby Jesus at about the 40 minute mark. Hopefully the massages are helping. The back still hurts, but the pain is less intense than it was a few days ago.

I’m pretty awesome at this whole “not working out” thing. Yesterday I worked muscle-up progressions, handstand push-ups, ring dips, butterfly pull-ups and double unders. Today I rowed 1,600 meters, worked on muscle-up progressions, did 10 ring dips, and them played a round of the Fish Game. My score was 2,055 in case you’re wondering. I F-ing RULE at the Fish Game! Oh, and I also rule at not working out.

Know what else I rule at? Owning a dog. Sheesh.

In the VERY VERY good news department, I weighed in just under 140lbs this morning-139.6! As you know from my previous posts, at any moment I should start craving pizza, beer and ice cream. I’m currently feeling excited and motivated, but that sneaky asshole, Sam Adams, is going to start calling my name soon. FU Sam Adams, FU.


The things I would tell you May 15, 2010

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Hey Daddy, there’s some things I wanted to tell you. It’s nothing Earth shattering or philosophical …just normal daughter stuff. I wanted to tell you I set a PR at regionals on the snatch. 115lbs! Actually I guess first I’d have to explain the snatch, and what PR stands for, but it doesn’t matter. You would have listened and been proud.

I wanted to tell you that my neighbor fixed my lawn mower. Yep, after 2 years of dealing with that crappy thing, the neighbor fixed it in 2 minutes with an “up down left right” screw driver. You would have smiled and shook your head.

Speaking of lawn, I wanted to tell you that Kate mowed today for the first time. How about THAT!? Her lines weren’t straight, and there are big spots she missed, but I know you’d be proud.

I wanted to tell you one last thing. I took apart my toilet and fixed the flapper! It doesn’t run constantly anymore, which is good. See Dad? I learned a thing or two from you.

Oh, and Dad, one more thing if you have time. I miss you. I miss your laugh, your back rubs, your margaritas and your rough hands. I miss your smile, and the funny way you called me boom boom. I’m sending hugs and kisses up to heaven!


The best job in the world May 10, 2010

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See this? That’s my office. The picture is kind of out of date because I recently got a Macbook Pro, but you get the idea, right?

I don’t have a view of the skyline, or one of those fancy feng-shui rock gardens. My office doesn’t have a comfy leather chair, or even a little plaque with my name. There’s no receptionist to answer the phone, no leather chairs in the lobby, and no break room. When I go out of town there is no assistant to answer my emails, and in the mornings, I have to get my own coffee.

Know what though? I have the best office in the world.

From my office, perched on top of a wooden box I get to witness people’s lives being changed. I get to see camaraderie, and discomfort all rolled into one amazing workout called CrossFit. People come together by enduring something difficult together. Individually, most of my CrossForters wouldn’t lift weights or swing kettle bells, but there is power in the group. As a group, they can accomplish anything…and from my office I get to watch it unfold.

I traded tropical vacations for certifications, designer clothes for spandex, and monthly manicures for a pumice stone. I regret nothing. Everything I ever needed, I could find from my CrossForters. They inspire me and keep me feeling richer than Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs makes cool stuff….but I think I have the better office.


Purpose May 3, 2010

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I’m not really sure why my blog has turned from a detailed account of my food intake and workouts to my own prophetic ramblings…but it just has. I find it soothing to my soul to speak my mind and have it captured for all to see. There’s something so raw, so vulnerable about sharing your thoughts in a public forum, and for some reason I like it. It keeps me focused.

This weekend was amazing for me. I have been doing CrossFit for just over two years now, but to date, I have never felt like an athlete.

You see her?

That’s Crystal McReynolds from CrossFit Central. SHE is an athlete. She’s lean, strong, and a fierce competitor. There’s no doubt in my mind that Crystal is an athletic woman who belongs in a competitive setting.

Me, on the other hand, I’m just normal. I giggle and laugh during workouts, make jokes with people around me, and sometimes stop to fix my pony tail. I have never pushed myself hard enough to throw up, nor do I ever want to. You see, there are people who “do CrossFit”, and then there’s people who “DO CROSSFIT”. Know what I mean? It just takes that little something extra to go from normal CrossFitter, to a true athlete. Up until this past weekend, in my eyes, I was just an average, normal person doing CrossFit slightly better than those around me.

This weekend changed my perspective. I had an opportunity to do a lot, LOT of overhead squats during the team triplet, which gave a lot of people the chance to see me performing them. Plus…I was the girl in the red tank top wearing tall socks, and had half my booty sticking out of my FIRE shorts, so I drew a few spectators to our end of the stadium. (Hey, if I’m not going to take 1st place in the workout, I might as well look the cutest, right?)

I digress.

After the workout was over, a few female ATHLETES came over and told me how strong my squats were. They wanted to know what my single rep max was. They asked how long I had been doing CrossFit. They wondered why I didn’t try out for the individual competition.

Wait, WHAT?! Back up for a second. You see….I’m not an athlete. I’m just a normal CrossFitter. YOU GUYS are the competitors, not me. I was flattered to say the least. My team didn’t take 1st place this weekend, or even place in the top 16….but this weekend we were athletes. We were warriors out there in Colorado, and people noticed.

This weekend was among the best of my life. I snatched 115lbs, which was a new PR by 12lbs. I sprinted faster and harder than I ever thought possible. I did overhead squats until I collapsed because I wanted to win. This weekend I was an athlete.