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Sore, sore and more sore March 3, 2010

Filed under: Nonsense — Jennie Yundt @ 3:50 pm

Why have I been so sore? I feel like….like Tommy MO! LOL! I’m just kidding. My body is still trying to recover from doing Karen on Friday, Team Saturday, and a stair climb on Sunday. Ugh. No excuses….but I’m just not feeling 100%. I’ve been taking a few extra rest days between workouts, and every workout has felt like a grind. Here’s an example:

100 double unders
3 rounds of
15 pull-ups
15 OHS at 30kg’s
100 double unders

The world started to suck a LOT during the second round of pull-ups and OHS. It wasn’t even that my legs hurt, they just felt like they were made of rubber. Wait….did someone replace my normal legs with rubber legs? DAMMIT! That workout took me forever….I think around 16:00.  I am definitely skipping tonight’s workout. Handstand push-ups and pull-ups? No thank you sir!

In other news, I was surprised by a package that came in the mail. Apparently my photo was chosen as the first place winner in the “best smile” category on Amy Arden’t website. I’m pretty proud. I had forgotten all about these pictures until an 8 x 10 showed up in my mailbox. Eat your heart out boys…too bad CrossFit and lifting weights made me so bulky. 😉


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