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CrossFit, Pregnancy, and some other random thoughts

Dear Penelope, March 18, 2010

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You just burst into my gym like a woman on a mission. I was sure you were about to tell me that we either woke you up with our loud music, or that one of my members pooped on your driveway. Instead, I come to find out that you roared up here like a bat out of hell, stormed into my gym and demanded “WHO’S IN CHARGE?” to tell me that YOU almost ran over one of MY CROSSFORTERS.

Seriously? WHAT.THE.F*CK.

Despite the fact that I smiled politely while you explained your HORRIFIC experience of being an asshole driver and almost killing Garth, I wanted to stab you. Instead of smiling and promising to order reflective vests, I wanted to tell you to take your high heels and stick the pointy end in your eye.

Why did I smile and nod when I wanted to yell at you?

You know why? Because I’m not a JERK like you. I don’t solve my problems by being an ass face to everyone I meet. My problems get solved by being a good person.

Now stay out of my gym before I lose the ability to smile and nod while being yelled at.


I am March 4, 2010

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Today marks my 31st year of life. Pretty impressive, huh? I’ve lived 31 years on this Earth, and I have learned a lot. I have made big mistakes, had great success, and learned how to love. I am a Mother, a Wife, a Sister, a friend and a Daughter. I have been a receptionist, an ice cream scooper, an accountant, a sales person and finally a gym owner. No job I have had in my life has meant as much to me as my gym. My gym has allowed me to learn who I am as a person, and become comfortable in my own skin.

This is who I am.

I am a CrossFitter. I lift heavy stuff. I do pull-ups. My hands are rough where they should be smooth and my thighs don’t fit in “skinny jeans”. I rejoice when I set a new PR. I cry when I drop bars on my head. I fail reps. I have kicked the chalk bucket. I hate to run. I leave nothing behind.

I struggle to let my little girl grow up. I have issued groundings, spankings and punishments that I don’t follow through with. I have said “because I said so”. I yell when I should be patient. I watch TV instead of folding laundry. I love my child fiercely.

I would rather wear jeans and a t-shirt than a dress. I don’t have adult hair. My favorite outfit says CrossFit on it. I don’t give a damn what you think of my clothes.

I am me. I am CrossFit.


Sore, sore and more sore March 3, 2010

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Why have I been so sore? I feel like….like Tommy MO! LOL! I’m just kidding. My body is still trying to recover from doing Karen on Friday, Team Saturday, and a stair climb on Sunday. Ugh. No excuses….but I’m just not feeling 100%. I’ve been taking a few extra rest days between workouts, and every workout has felt like a grind. Here’s an example:

100 double unders
3 rounds of
15 pull-ups
15 OHS at 30kg’s
100 double unders

The world started to suck a LOT during the second round of pull-ups and OHS. It wasn’t even that my legs hurt, they just felt like they were made of rubber. Wait….did someone replace my normal legs with rubber legs? DAMMIT! That workout took me forever….I think around 16:00.  I am definitely skipping tonight’s workout. Handstand push-ups and pull-ups? No thank you sir!

In other news, I was surprised by a package that came in the mail. Apparently my photo was chosen as the first place winner in the “best smile” category on Amy Arden’t website. I’m pretty proud. I had forgotten all about these pictures until an 8 x 10 showed up in my mailbox. Eat your heart out boys…too bad CrossFit and lifting weights made me so bulky. 😉