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“It’s a good thing there isn’t middle knurling on that bar” October 15, 2009

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OMG, I am the most clumsy person on the face of the planet. Seriously. I think I gave myself brain damage last night! The strength work was OHS 5-5-5-3-3-3, and things started out really great. Babs and I were sharing a rack….a short rack…..and we were having a great time. Mr. Mohr was there drilling his form, and Ryan was showing off his pipes. All was right with the world. Here’s what my sets looked like:

25-35-40-45-50-52.2 (1 rep)

Right before I unracked 52.2kg’s, I asked Bill to grab the camera so I could see my form. Unfortunately, he didn’t have the camera, so away I went. If you’re wondering why I didn’t get 2 more reps at 52.2kg’s, it’s because I DROPPED IT ON MY HEAD. I completed one beautiful rep, and got a little wobbly at the top. I did a little barbell dance, and Tommy Mo made the “Woody Woodpecker” laugh, which in turn, made me laugh. I didn’t set myself properly before attempting the 2nd rep, and at the bottom of the squat my arms suddenly caved. You know when someone walks by you and bumps you in the back of the knee, and your leg buckles? That’s what happened to my arms. The problem was that my head was in between the barbell and the floor, and 115lbs connected solidly with the top of my melon. I had a crushing pain, and I was sure I had split open my head. I was on the floor crying and holding my head, and here are a few things I heard in the background…..

“Do you need an ice pack?”

“Too bad I didn’t catch that on video”

“I was in the bathroom, what happened?”

“I already know what tomorrow’s blog heading will be….”

“Well, she’s hit herself in the chin so many times, this at least evens it out.”

“Good thing there’s no middle knurling on that bar.”

Thank you one and all for your concern. YES I NEED AN ICE PACK.

Thankfully, I am totally fine, and there’s no permanent damage. (right eye twitches) I have a dull headache, and I’m about 1/2 an inch shorter today, but I’m ok. I even composed myself long enough to do the metcon:

row for calories
ring dips

Round 1 of the pull-ups, I tore my right hand. Sweet.  Overall, I think yesterday was a pretty good day. I finished the workout in 11:24, and that included a break so Bill could tape my wounded hand. My ring dips were assisted with the red band. I’LL GET YOU ONE DAY RING DIPS!

Concentrate so you don't drop it

Concentrate so you don't drop it


4 Responses to ““It’s a good thing there isn’t middle knurling on that bar””

  1. Robin Says:

    Jennie, you are such a trooper! I am glad your head is ok, that was a bit scary. just wanted to let you know I am loving crossfit! also I didn’t forget about your drawing I have just been really busy. I will get to it soon I promise! see you tonight hopefully!

  2. Tommy Mo Says:

    I’ll 2nd Robin’s comments on the scary/freaky factor. Seeing it all, that was just insane. You handled it very well.

    Hopefully the melon is okay today and you’re back in the saddle for more WOD’s this week.

  3. Garth Says:

    I wish I had been there! I would have got it on video for you 😉

    And here are my comments

    “Jennie, how many fingers am I holding up? What’s the capitol of West Virginia? Whatever you do, don’t go to sleep!”

  4. Jeff Says:

    Glad you’re okay, that is some funny shit though!

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