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Kalsu – he’s a jerk October 8, 2009

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The good news about yesterday, was that I didn’t have to workout in the rain OR run! Hooray! We started off doing sets of 5 Front squats at 80% of our single rep max. For me, this means I was front squatting 55kg’s for 3 sets of 5. It felt pretty heavy at the end…but then again, it’s weights. It’s SUPPOSED to feel heavy.


We did Kalsu again. Ugh. Not a single person in the whole Fort did this workout Rx’d. It’s absolutely unreal. If we had tried doing it Rx’d, it’s very possible that we would still be there RIGHT NOW trying to grind through those thrusters. Kalsu is 100 thrusters for time….but at the top of every minute you have to stop and do 5 burpees. Burpees are the ULTIMATE interruption. There is absolutely nowhere to run, and nowhere to hide on this workout.

I started doing sets of 10, and taking the rest of my minute to rest, but my numbers quickly dropped down to around 7 per round. In the end, I finished in 13:43, which is about 2 minutes better than the last time I did this WOD. Hooray for that! I still didn’t do it rx’d….It’s unlikely that I’ll EVER tackle this one RX’d in my lifetime.

I love the barbell

I love the barbell


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