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“It’s a good thing there isn’t middle knurling on that bar” October 15, 2009

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OMG, I am the most clumsy person on the face of the planet. Seriously. I think I gave myself brain damage last night! The strength work was OHS 5-5-5-3-3-3, and things started out really great. Babs and I were sharing a rack….a short rack…..and we were having a great time. Mr. Mohr was there drilling his form, and Ryan was showing off his pipes. All was right with the world. Here’s what my sets looked like:

25-35-40-45-50-52.2 (1 rep)

Right before I unracked 52.2kg’s, I asked Bill to grab the camera so I could see my form. Unfortunately, he didn’t have the camera, so away I went. If you’re wondering why I didn’t get 2 more reps at 52.2kg’s, it’s because I DROPPED IT ON MY HEAD. I completed one beautiful rep, and got a little wobbly at the top. I did a little barbell dance, and Tommy Mo made the “Woody Woodpecker” laugh, which in turn, made me laugh. I didn’t set myself properly before attempting the 2nd rep, and at the bottom of the squat my arms suddenly caved. You know when someone walks by you and bumps you in the back of the knee, and your leg buckles? That’s what happened to my arms. The problem was that my head was in between the barbell and the floor, and 115lbs connected solidly with the top of my melon. I had a crushing pain, and I was sure I had split open my head. I was on the floor crying and holding my head, and here are a few things I heard in the background…..

“Do you need an ice pack?”

“Too bad I didn’t catch that on video”

“I was in the bathroom, what happened?”

“I already know what tomorrow’s blog heading will be….”

“Well, she’s hit herself in the chin so many times, this at least evens it out.”

“Good thing there’s no middle knurling on that bar.”

Thank you one and all for your concern. YES I NEED AN ICE PACK.

Thankfully, I am totally fine, and there’s no permanent damage. (right eye twitches) I have a dull headache, and I’m about 1/2 an inch shorter today, but I’m ok. I even composed myself long enough to do the metcon:

row for calories
ring dips

Round 1 of the pull-ups, I tore my right hand. Sweet.  Overall, I think yesterday was a pretty good day. I finished the workout in 11:24, and that included a break so Bill could tape my wounded hand. My ring dips were assisted with the red band. I’LL GET YOU ONE DAY RING DIPS!

Concentrate so you don't drop it

Concentrate so you don't drop it


Muscle-ups land is a fun place to be! October 14, 2009

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It’s a good thing that Brittany and I had so much fun in “muscle-ups land” before the workout, because the workout wasn’t much fun AT ALL. It was basically 1/2 of Angie with a mile run thrown in. Ugh.

My muscle-up is definitely still a long, long ways away for me. My ring dips aren’t strong enough to drive me from the transition point to the top of the dip. Plain and simple. If I want to EVER get a muscle up, I’m going to have to work on my ring dips.

Queen Stacy wore her “safe while jogging at night” outfit of ALL BLACK. I thought for sure we were all going to get run over because it’s pitch black outside. I have to talk to the people along Wegner Road and see if they’ll leave their outside lights on for us or something. Here was the workout:

400m run
50 pull-ups
400m run
50 push-ups
400m run
50 sit-ups
400m run
50 squats

Since I was THE SLOWEST IN THE CLASS, there wasn’t room for me on the pull-up bar when I returned. This left me working in reverse order. I was a little miffed about having to do my push-ups before my pull-ups, because I think it really slowed me down. OH WELL. I still got in a great workout. When Bill called “TIME” at 20:00, I still had 6 pull-ups left. I finished anyways, and my total time was 20:14 or something like that.


You can do ANYTHING for a minute October 13, 2009

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Note to self: get better at box jumps.

The strength work yesterday was Hang Power Cleans – YEAH! I really like HPC’s. We weren’t working on single rep max, but dats ok. We did 5-5-5-3-3-3 and my sets looked like this:


Considering 55kg’s was my 3 rep max on Power Cleans, I’m pretty pumped. I felt like my form was better than it has been in the past. I’ve been concentrating on driving straight up in a jumping motion, and that has transferred over to a much more powerful hip opening. Hooray for 3 rep PR!

The Metcon was a fun little workout:

2 rounds of
1:00 max thrusters (40kg)
1:00 rest
1:00 max box jumps (24″)
1:00 rest
1:00 max calories on rower
1:00 rest

I tried my best to keep up with the Brit, but her box jumps are INSANE. My score looked like this: 11-31-18-7-24-16. Total score: 107. Brittany total score: 115. Ooooh, so close. 🙂 How she managed to get 30 box jumps in the 2nd round is beyond me. My legs were protesting loudly during round 2 box jumps. I need to work on getting a faster rebound off the floor, and getting right back onto the box. Grasshopper…..you must snatch the pebble from my hand…..

nice butt shot. Sheesh

nice butt shot. Sheesh


Migraines make Saturday mornings no fun…. October 11, 2009

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While the Fort was alive with action and fun, I was at home with a migraine. Boo. I’m not really sure what is triggering my migraines this time around. I think it might be alcohol, but I can’t say for sure. And it isn’t like I’m having 4 or 5 drinks….I have a strict 2 drink limit!

I woke up Saturday morning around 1:30 with “that feeling”. “That feeling” is usually a dull headache behind my eyes, and a stiffness in my neck. It’s almost always the precursor to a migraine. In an effort to ward off the impending doom, I took 800mg of Ibuprofen, prescription anti-nausea medication, got a cold rag for my eyes and a zip lock bag full of ice for my neck. Nothing helped. My poor husband was being kept awake by my tossing and turning, so I retreated to the extra bedroom to be alone in my misery. Around 3:00AM the throwing up started, and it continued every 30 minutes until 7:00AM. FUN. My abs hurt.

I didn’t quite feel right until about 3:00PM. I was able to drink my “fructose bomb” as Bill calls it….I call it Apple Juice. We went downtown for Dad’s pre-marathon inspiration dinner, and it was great. I felt a little sleepy, but we had a good time. And by “good time”, I mean we got to listen to a bunch of inspiring stories of cancer survival. It brought me to tears numerous times. I am officially adding “raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society” to my to-do list.



“Keep going Jennie….you can beat MATT” October 10, 2009

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Bill just kept telling me to “Keep going”. “Don’t stop”. “Dig Deep”. Unfortunately, none of that seemed to matter yesterday. That workout was really hard, and I was feeling pretty nauseous. It wasn’t until he whispered this little phrase that I really started digging deep:

“Keep going Jennie….you can beat MATT. He’s still on his OHS”

SA-WEET! I’m a competitive person, and beating Matt sounded pretty cool. My competitiveness doesn’t always help, as I am just REALLY outmatched at the Fort these days.  What started out as some normal people doing WODs together has turned into a group of very athletic people battling it out! I’m scratching and clawing these days just to try and beat the Brit or Queen Stacy. It’s awesome though, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The workout was:

1000m row

5 rounds of:
10 pull-ups
15 OHS (40kg)
20 KB swings (16kg)

1000m row

It took me 32:32 to finish that beast….and I totally beat Matt AND Queen Stacy. 🙂 All is right with the world once again!

Just a little more chalk Bill....then I'll keep going....

Just a little more chalk Bill....then I'll keep going....


Kalsu – he’s a jerk October 8, 2009

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The good news about yesterday, was that I didn’t have to workout in the rain OR run! Hooray! We started off doing sets of 5 Front squats at 80% of our single rep max. For me, this means I was front squatting 55kg’s for 3 sets of 5. It felt pretty heavy at the end…but then again, it’s weights. It’s SUPPOSED to feel heavy.


We did Kalsu again. Ugh. Not a single person in the whole Fort did this workout Rx’d. It’s absolutely unreal. If we had tried doing it Rx’d, it’s very possible that we would still be there RIGHT NOW trying to grind through those thrusters. Kalsu is 100 thrusters for time….but at the top of every minute you have to stop and do 5 burpees. Burpees are the ULTIMATE interruption. There is absolutely nowhere to run, and nowhere to hide on this workout.

I started doing sets of 10, and taking the rest of my minute to rest, but my numbers quickly dropped down to around 7 per round. In the end, I finished in 13:43, which is about 2 minutes better than the last time I did this WOD. Hooray for that! I still didn’t do it rx’d….It’s unlikely that I’ll EVER tackle this one RX’d in my lifetime.

I love the barbell

I love the barbell


Helen in the rain October 7, 2009

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Yesterday was a dark and dreary day. To be perfectly honest, I’m sick of this stupid rain! WHERE IS THE SUN!?

The strength work was 3-3-3 of dead lift at 75% of your most recent single rep max. Since I’m a sissy dead lifter, my most recent SRM is only 84.6kg’s. Once upon a time, long long ago, I dead lifted 95kg’s. It was a glorious day. There were birds singing, and the sun was shining….all was right with the world….sigh….

I did 3 sets at 65kg’s, and it felt pretty good. *shrugs* nothing much to report in this department.

The Metcon was our beloved Helen. Have I mentioned on my blog before that I don’t like to run? WELL GUESS WHAT? I also don’t like to run in the rain with 45mph wind gusts. It hurts my soul. It hurts EVERYONE’S soul. Look at these people….

Look how sad they look

Look how sad they look

These people CHOOSE to make running part of their weekend. They pin those stupid numbers on their clothes, wear their little utility belts with flavored goo so they don’t COLLAPSE from 35 minutes of exercise, and they RUN. Even these people HATE running in the rain. Look at their faces!

Bill didn’t take pictures of the 7PM class working out yesterday…and you know why? It was too sad. My Helen time yesterday was about 40 seconds slower than my PR and I blame it on three things:

1. The Rain

2. The extra weight of the cotton I had jammed in my ears so I didn’t get an earache

3. The distraction caused by snot flying out of my nose on the KB swings

My time: 12:44. Boo.