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13 is the magic number September 30, 2009

Filed under: Nonsense — Jennie Yundt @ 7:31 pm

Know what the significance of 13 is as it pertains to yesterday? I’ll share…..

1. The number of total torn callouses at the Fort

2. The number of times I looked over and saw Kelli catching up to me

3. The number of BLURRY pictures Bill took of the 7PM class

4. The number of times I said the F word during push-ups

5. Kelli beat me by a 13th of a second on yesterday’s workout

See how special 13 is? It’s a wonderful, magical number. Could somebody PLEASE give my husband a quick photography lesson? Less zoom. Stand still. Point. Shoot.


I’m doomed to forever be a blurry figure in all pictures of workouts with Bill behind the lens. Sheesh!

The workout yesterday was Angie. I can still remember the first time I did this one Rx’d. I was so nervous I about peed myself, and it took me an eternity to get through it. I can remember a distinct feeling of accomplishment after finishing. 100 PULL-UPS. That’s a huge accomplishment for a CrossFitter, male or female.

I still feel this same sense of accomplishment after yesterday. I PR’d at 24:22, which is just over a 3:00 improvement over last time. AND, best of all, my hands are still intact!


Bill Yundt: great coach, LOUSY photographer

Bill Yundt: great coach, LOUSY photographer


4 Responses to “13 is the magic number”

  1. Pete Says:

    That’s awesome Jennie. Congrats on your new PR!!!

  2. Ouch! Maybe we should outsource our photography. Just a heads up though, low light + lots of movement = blurry pictures with a point and shoot camera.

  3. Jennie Yundt Says:

    Oh sweetie, you know I love ya! I think you might just be using zoom a little too much. I completely understand your desire to capture the intimate details of my agony by zooming to the max, but I think it’s causing a lot of the blurriness.

    *shrugs* I’m sure a better camera would solve the problem, but it’s so dang hard to spend that kind of money!

  4. bethyxfit Says:

    Oh, camera money… no kidding. What I would do for a good DSLR…. *sigh*

    Maybe one of these days I can come in for an extra class and just shoot. I’ve been thinking it’d be fun, as long as I’d not be in the way. ^_^

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