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Why does 5kg feel SO HEAVY?! September 29, 2009

Filed under: Nonsense — Jennie Yundt @ 7:02 pm

I have been looking forward to trying “Isabel” for a long time. Unfortunately, my single rep max on snatch is 42.2kg’s, so 30 reps at 40kg’s is HIGHLY unlikely.

Our strength work was Overhead squat, and I got to share a rack with my buddy, Brittany. I always have fun when she’s around. She’s WAY WAY WAY too hard on herself, but it’s good to see her breaking through some of the mental barriers. I watched her PR on her OHS, and it was beautiful!

My OHS sets looked like this:

(3-2-1-1-1) 35-40-45-50-52.2

I hit 52.2kg’s at the Games for 2 reps, so this isn’t really a PR. For some odd reason, I think I was stronger out there in that desert…

NOW BACK TO ISABEL. I scaled to 35kg’s, and Bill gave me the stink eye. “Why not bump it up to 40kg’s and make the board?” Well Bill….there’s a funny story behind that. I’ll tell you why I’m not going to bump it up to 40kg’s…..because the difference between a 35kg snatch and a 40kg snatch is LIKE A MILLION POUNDS. So, me and my sissy scaled self finished in 5:07 at 35kg’s. 40kg’s didn’t even go up ONCE.

While I still haven’t mastered Garth’s art of making sexy faces when I workout, I have started incorporating his battle cries. Andy told me that I was like a terradactyl.

My battle cry!

My battle cry!


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