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Group Outing to Zaza’s September 28, 2009

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Yesterday was a day of arguing with an 11yr old, and indulgence. I don’t know what got into Kate this last weekend, but she was ROTTEN. I love her to pieces, and would give her the moon, but she was seriously trying my patience this past weekend.


Thank you to Stacy for organizing a group outing to Zaza’s salon in Vernon Hills. Bill and I booked what we thought was a couple’s massage, but a smidge of confusion left us in separate rooms. I considered calling him on his cell phone  so we could chat during our massages.

The massage was only so-so…I’ve definitely had more relaxing massages at Mario Tricocci. I was given a complimentary hot stone treatment because of the mix-up, but free hot rocks paled in comparison to being next to my husband for an hour of relaxation.

Even though she was a stinker, I love her dearly. I’m super proud of Kate for going through FGB IV with us yesterday. I think she was the youngest person at Tri-Cities to go through the workout. It felt good to have people complimenting me on how solid her movements looked. I think Mark’s comment was, “wow, she moves better than most of the adults I know!” (That was probably an exaggeration, but STILL) She definitely moved better than the cheaty McCheaterson lady who took 2nd place with her never-locked-out-push-jerks-instead-of-push-presses. Psh. I didn’t want a bronze kettle bell anyways.

Katelyn shows good for, and good fashion sense

Katelyn shows good form, and good fashion sense


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