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Temptation….it’s everywhere September 24, 2009

Filed under: Nonsense — Jennie Yundt @ 5:24 pm

I just want to come right out and say that CrossFit is HARD. I bust my ass at the Fort 5 days a week, and it never gets easier. Unfortunately, I’m at that point where PR’s are hard to come by. Hell, I end up celebrating broken scrunchie PR’s, just so I can have a PR to celebrate. My press and dead lift are refusing to budge and it’s making me nuts. It’s time to put my PR shoes on, and get ready to scratch and claw my way to every 2.2kg PR.

There is so much temptation to eat bad food. It’s amazing that anyone can stay clean for any amount of time! Tommy MO of the GYG was kind enough to supply me with a picture of the temptation at his work. This time of year always gets me too. There’s that little bit of a chill in the air, and the time seems right to splurge and have a piece of pumpkin pie. BUT GUESS WHAT. I’M NOT GOING TO. You can see the first half of this post for why I’m going to steer clear of the sugary poison.


I bust my ass way too much at the Fort to throw away my progress for a sugary treat. I will never be happy with my performance at the Fort….I will always strive to push myself harder, run faster, get stronger….I can’t expect 100% of the results if I’m only putting in 80% of the effort.





6 Responses to “Temptation….it’s everywhere”

  1. bethyxfit Says:

    Jennie, the muppet danish… it’s STARING at me… o_0

  2. Tommy Mo Says:

    the muppet danish is STILL alive and staring….at members of my sales team now.

    No bites. No tastes. He’s alive and still 100% in tact.

    He’s not quite and “soft and fluffy” as he was on Tuesday. A bit more rock hard and probably tougher on the teeth for those that want to take a bite out of him.

  3. Jennie Yundt Says:

    I think it’s scary…REALLY scary that the danish is still alive. If you had a piece of meat on your desk since Tuesday, you wouldn’t even be able to be in the same room with it.

    WHAT DO THEY MAKE THOSE DANISH WITH!? If it doesn’t expire, and doesn’t go bad sitting on your desk, is it really food?

  4. Brian Says:

    That Danish has nothing on a Twinkie.

    Only food made to survive a nuclear holocaust…

  5. Tommy Mo Says:

    Lord knows what they make the danish out of. I’ve made it an edict on my team that:

    1) The danish is NOT to be thrown away until I say so
    2) The danish can and will make its way around the team if it so feels the desire. Wherever it lands, it stays until it decides to move locations
    3) The danish gets the respect it deserves until it shows visible signs of decomposition or brings about a near intolerable odor

    Alive and kicking is the danish with a quest to de-throne the twinkie.

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