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Team Saturday that keeps going, and going, and going… September 20, 2009

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I’m sure you’ve noticed, but I’m kind of a big complainer. And I don’t complain in a way that would lead anyone to believe that I don’t 100%, absolutely love CrossFit and the torture that I put myself through. I complain more to be funny in an observational kind of way.

Are we clear?

Team Saturday was SO LONG yesterday. It took my team 47+ minutes to get through all the work…and we never stopped moving, not even once. We were an efficient team who switched off at good intervals, allowing each other adequate rest. Here was the workout:

Back squat 10,000kg’s

Run 5,000 meters

200 pull-ups

We had to complete it in that order, and only one of us could be working at once. We set our back squat bar to 25kg’s, and were taking turns with 20 reps. In hind sight, I probably should have been doing sets of 20 at 35kg’s or 40kg’s to save my team a little time. Either way, Tommy Mo and his team blew us away on the runs and pull-ups.

I liked that we divided the runs into short sprints. We started with 200m splits, but then switched to 100m splits. I couldn’t figure out why my feet hurt so bad, but it’s definitely from all the sprints. Changing directions that fast makes your feet kind of lurch inside your shoes. Ugh.

Triumphant in the Costa Rican Airport

Triumphant in the Costa Rican Airport


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