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A shin bashing September 19, 2009

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Yesterday started like a normal day….but ended with a bloody shin and a sore back. The skill work yesterday was:

bashing your shins as high as possible


My PR for max shin bashing height is 39-1/2″. My first jump was 37-1/2″, which didn’t produce any good shin injuries, and from there Boyd loaded up another big plate and took us to 39-1/2″. The first attempt ended in a pretty decent shin bashing. The 2nd attempt ended with a bent finger.

That ended the attempts.

While I didn’t end up with a big bruise, I now have a shiny spot on my leg where I rubbed off the top two layers of skin.

The Metcon was fun. Heavy, but fun. Stacy was tucked under the loft and was going about 88mph, and I was chugging away by the door worrying that she had lapped me by more than 2 rounds.

7 rounds for time:

7 clusters (60/40kg)

7 chest to bar pull-ups

I scaled to regular pull-ups because my brain won’t let my chest touch the bar. Not really sure why. I finished the workout in 13:13, which was a solid 30 seconds after Stacy the lightning bolt finished. I definitely need to work on thrusters…er….clusters…..or whatever the heck they are. I’m horribly inefficient at them, and I tend to get up on the balls of my feet instead of driving off my heels. STOPPITFEET!

That's me making a strong effort not to make the "trying face"

That's me making a strong effort not to make the "trying face"


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