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Partners, NOT Opponents! September 15, 2009

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I had a CRAZY busy day at work yesterday, so I ended up scooting into the Fort shortly before 6PM. I worked out with the lovely 6PM’ers, and Brittany was there. Bill paired us up and told us we were OPPONENTS. I was like, “Husband say WHAT??”


No way. I’m totally of the mentality that we were TEAM MATES rather than opponents. She rowed while I got as many pull ups as possible, and we repeated for a total of 2 rounds. Our TEAM SCORE was 92 pull-ups, which I think is pretty amazing. My hands hurt a lot, especially since we are on the heels of “Helen” last week.

I’m back on the wagon as they say. Actually, I think I need a better analogy for when I’m eating super strict. “Wagon” makes me feel like an alcoholic. CLEARLY I’m not an alcoholic. I might be addicted to pizza, ice cream and beer, but I don’t have drinking issues. I think the analogy should be “I’m back on the perimeter”. Get it? Like the perimeter of the grocery store? The place where you find all the foods that are acceptable on the paleo diet? Sigh….we’ll see if my analogy takes off or not. I suspect it won’t.

Lunch: 6oz paleo meat loaf

Snack at 4PM: 1 serving raw pistachio nut meats

Dinner at 9PM: A variation of my Arugula salad
85g arugula
20g chopped red onions
2 hard boiled eggs, sliced
1 ounce Havarti cheese, sliced
1/2 cup sliced cucumber
30ml olive oil
15ml braggs apple cider vinegar

Ooh…see how much variety I have? I ate CUCUMBERS instead of ASPARAGUS and added a little cheese. 🙂 It was really good, and I’m looking forward to having that for dinner again tonight.

NOTE TO SELF: take fish oil before eating. I took my fish oil (in liquid form) on my way up to bed, and it came back up in a gross slimy fish oil burp. It was so foul, words can’t even describe it.

Bracelet of Power - where did that thing go anyways?

Bracelet of Power - where did that thing go anyways?


One Response to “Partners, NOT Opponents!”

  1. Brit Says:

    I like where your head is with the teammate deal. I dig it.

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