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Grab your partner doe si doe! September 13, 2009

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Ah Team Saturday….how I love thee. We had the early ramp up class, so I was at the Fort bright and early. I’ll be honest…I had a pretty crappy start to my day on Saturday. It started with all the drama that happens on the morning of Katelyn’s cheerleading competitions:

I can’t find my shoes
My cheer pony tail doesn’t look high enough
These eggs taste yucky
I don’t WANT to put in my contacts
Mom, the microwave is on fire

Do your mornings ever start like that? Yeah. Awesome. When I got to the Fort there were 10 smiling faces, and how could I let them down? I dashed over to the look-through, had one sip of coffee and away we went.  I’m so thankful for the awesome ramp up class we have going on, they completely saved my morning!

Team Saturday looked like this:

200m buddy carry
and then 3 rounds of 2:00 intervals for max reps of:
muscle ups
Power Cleans
air squats

and then another 200m buddy carry

As a surprise, Stacy was at the Fort and ready for some Team Saturday action! It had been a while….actually an ETERNITY since we got to buddy up together, and the thought of getting to carry her was fun. She’s only as big as a tic tac, so it made it totally easy.

The workout was fun, and I was happy to do most of the carrying. To be honest, trying to hang onto Stacy was like hanging onto the jump rope because she’s so small. 🙂

Notice our awesome hand placement – we literally held hands during the carries unlike those poor jamokes behind us who spent their buddy carries strangling each other.

I’m down 6lbs and couldn’t be more excited! I’ll be honest….after 5 days of strict eating, Mr. Sam Adams is calling my name.

Doesn't Stacy look so happy?

Doesn't Stacy look so happy?


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