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CrossFit, Pregnancy, and some other random thoughts

And 1 scolding…. September 10, 2009

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The workout yesterday was only so-so. I don’t care for push ups because they ultimately make my boobs hurt for about 2 days. Brittany and I got to partner up, and that made me happy. 🙂

9 rounds
9 push-ups
9 body rows

I hate to sound negative, but I dislike body rows. Before you pass judgement, let me explain. I don’t feel like there is a consistent way to do them. I feel like every time I grab the rings my body is  in a slightly different position. Either way, the workout was fun. I got 9 rounds, and 1 scolding/chasing children back into the office in about 9:05.

I had a hungry day today, but an ounce of havarti fixed me right up! With my ounce of cheese in the tank, I even set a new 2,000m row PR – by 25 seconds! 8:23.6 BOO YAH!

Lunch: Arugula Egg salad w/kalamata olives

Snack: 1oz havarti cheese

Dinner: 6oz of meatloaf

Dessert: 2 squares 85% dark chocolate and 1 serving almond butter.

Me hiding in the back

Me hiding in the back


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