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OMGIH8DAY3 September 7, 2009

Filed under: Nonsense — Jennie Yundt @ 1:32 am

I have officially hit the part where it sucks. Today started out great. We were going to hang out with friends, have a little bit of fun and really enjoy our holiday weekend.


I’m already down 5 lbs from my Friday morning weight, so that is promising. However, I feel like total crap. My body is adjusting to the increased fat and decreased carbs in a way that I never expected. I’m highly nauseous, weak, VERY sore and tired. We went to the mall so Kate could use some gift cards, and we had to leave abruptly because I just felt awful. I’m sure the people in Macy’s were horrified as they watched me walk past. At one point I think I had my mouth hanging open. Sexy.

Bill stopped at Sunset foods and bought me an orange and a bottle of water to see if it would help. I had 3 slices of orange, and it didn’t seem to help. I fed the rest of the orange to Kate, and went up to bed and took an hour long nap.
I woke up still VERY nauseous, but I knew I couldn’t sleep anymore or I’d never get to bed tonight. I have force-fed myself water with a lime in it, about 2 nibbles of meat loaf and 1/2 a serving of pistachios. I’m upright and typing this post, so it must mean I’m feeling a little better. Let’s just hope this passes quickly. Ugh. Eating less protein means I’m more sore than usual…or maybe it was all those damn push ups I did yesterday.


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