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I don’t like Kilo’s birthday either September 6, 2009

Filed under: Nonsense — Jennie Yundt @ 1:13 am

Ugh…My lower back fatigues so quickly, and I’m a big baby. Anyone who witnessed my pathetic workout attempt last night should be emailing me pictures of babies all day today. WHERE ARE THE BABY EMAILS!?

We started yesterday with some sets of 5 on dead lift
I did 65-75-79.6
Woo! 79.6 for 5 reps! I’m king of the world! Not. Having witnessed my brute strength, Bill thought I should go through the workout at 65kg’s, even though I was protesting loudly. Here was the workout:

3 rounds of:
7 dead lifts
7 box jumps

3 rounds of:
5 dead lifts
5 box jumps
and then 400m run

3 rounds of:
3 dead lifts
3 box jumps
and then 400m run

Yeah! High rep dead lifts! I complained for a few minutes about the weight, but figured I’d give it the old girlscout try. Well, I crashed and burned. I got 7 reps at 65kg’s, completed my box jumps, and then returned to the bar only to find it was stuck to the ground. STUCK. I couldn’t budge it. In a fit of frustration, I stripped off the weight bringing my bar down to 55kg’s and kept going.

In the 2nd round the unthinkable happened. I missed the friggin box. My shin made direct contact at full force with the edge of that wooden box. I fell to the ground and CRIED. Bill came over to see if I was still in one piece, and even offered to get me an ice pack. I was determined to keep going, so I did my 2nd 400m run CRYING. I’m sure people driving by were wondering what that crazy lady was doing.

I ended up finishing in just over 22 minutes…which is really slow. I’m disappointed with my performance, but that’s just the way the cards fell for me yesterday.


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